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Budapest- Day 1

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemailLast night I got into Budapest after two pretty easy flights. I don’t sleep on planes well so I was a tired puppy when I arrived.  I’m staying at a cheap hotel on the Danube River in Pest next door to the Sofitel and Four Seasons- great location!  The only downfall is that my non-smoking room smells like smoke.  Fail. I went outside in search of diet coke and took 1 picture. The Royal Palace across the river from my hotel. After a solid 11 hours of sleep I was ready to start the day, walking about Read More

Sky Mall Fun

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemailHave you ever sat on the runway for what seems like hours, making you wonder if the plane is going to just drive to the destination.  That is the best time to pull out the gem of a magazine known as Sky Mall.  Sky Mall is shopping for items that stores are too embarrassed to carry in their stores.  But Sky Mall is a lot of fun and keeps you entertained while waiting for air traffic control to give the pilots the go-ahead.  Without further ado, I give you Andrea’s Sky Mall favorites- the products no one Read More