Peter’s Inn and Union Brewery

This is going to be an mouth-watering food and drink post! I have a bucket list of restaurants/bars that I wanted to visit and finally got down to business. Peter’s Inn and Union Craft Brewing are well-known hot spots in Baltimore. And now I can say that they are hot spots that live up to the hype.

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Peter’s Inn is a rowhouse-sized restaurant that starts serving dinner at 6:30pm. On busy nights, if you aren’t there by 6pm, you will be waiting for tables to turn over. Because I’m a smarty we decided to go on a weeknight and snagged a table outside on a lovely night. The salad and garlic bread were our appetizers (we shared). Both were awesome!

I ordered the filet mignon because that is my favorite. It was like butter. Perfectly cooked to my requested medium-rare and melted in my mouth.

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BC went with the rockfish which was really good too. We probably could have ordered another appetizer or dessert but it is a little pricey here so we may have eaten some gummy bears from the 711 instead.

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I would definitely recommend Peter’s Inn for date night and impressing visiting foodie relatives. The menu changes weekly which is awesome and ensures fresh, in-season ingredients.

On Friday night, I convinced BC to drink beer. I really had to twist his arm (haha, not even close) to make the trip up to Union Brewing Company. Union is on the light rail train line so we did the responsible (and cheap!) thing and took public transport to drink beer.

More money for beer!

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Baltimore is notorious for not having efficient public transport but this is one of the times it really worked. Union is about a half a block from the train stop- it was easy. On Fridays Union has a food truck parked outside the tasting room with a lot of picnic tables. I walked up to the food truck Well Crafted Pizza and ordered the Soppressata pizza.

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The pizza was really good and was even better with Union’s Steady Eddie beer.

As it turns out, I know the owner of the Well Crafted Pizza food truck. She is also a traveler so I was shocked to see her in Baltimore-I thought she was still driving around the USA in her RV (so jealous about this). Not anymore though, they are doing the food truck thing. Which got me thinking, what kind of food truck would I have? I decided on a nacho truck since nachos and pizza are the worlds’ most perfect foods. And pizza seems hard. So a nacho food truck for me.

Reader Question: If you were starting a food truck, what kind of truck would you do?

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2 Responses

  1. TACOS all the way!!!! 🙂 Nachos are pretty awesome too.
    Looks like a great restaurant!

  2. Chaitali says:

    Ooh… a nacho food truck sounds amazing!

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