Petra by Night

Petra by Night is what you make of it, as are most things in life. Hiking over a mile in the dark, towards for my first glimpse of Petra’s Treasury turned out to be one of the best decisions I made on this trip. Both Trip Advisor and my tour guide warned the group that this was something we should skip but we were all so excited to see Petra that we nixed the Negative Nancys and did it anyway.

Petra By Night touristy but beautiful

The sight that is the Treasury at Petra lit up by candlelight was amazing! We sat on horse and camel blankets on the hard ground while waiting for the “show” to start. Mostly, everyone was just taking photos every few seconds at the ever-changing colored lights.

Petra by Night worth it

Petra by night is worth it

The show we were promised ended up being a two, twenty  minute performances one with some chanting and drums and one with some type of flute music. Both were very mellow and I may have dozed off after our long day of hiking the Dana Biosphere Reserve and at Little Petra.

DSC00610 (2)

Apparently this was the downgraded show for the off season. The main tourist season gets a longer one that requires more audience participation. Everyone in my group agreed that the 40 minutes was about all we could handle. We were very pleased with our luck!

DSC00605 (3)

After the performance the lighting changes (the pink/blue and red/blue combination was my favorite) and everyone is free to roam about and get as many pictures as you can. This is when the throngs of tourists rush to take selfies and stand next to the Treasury. It is not a good time to get a good photo unless you like hundreds of people in the background. Get all your photos before or during the show!

Petra by Night Treasury blue

The 1 mile walk to and from the Treasury is lined with 1500 candles in paper bags. We saw a few go up in smoke when wind or an errant tourist jostled one.


It is a pretty walk, a little unsafe as the ground is uneven at times but pretty.

Petra by night candle lit path to the Treasury

The cost of entry to Petra by Night is 17 Jordan Dinar($24 USD), goes from 8:30pm to 10:30pm, runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I believe it is something not to be missed!

Petra by Night I love Petra sign

Reader Question: Have you ever loved a sight or activity that everyone told you not to do?

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