Phoenix and Apache Wash Hiking

Hello from Phoenix! The weather is getting cooler at my home base in Baltimore so BC and I headed out to warmer, dryer, and desert-like pastures.

Phoenix hot air balloons

My new niece Cassie was super excited to meet me and give me the stink eye for looking so much like her mom but not actually being her mom. She was totally confused for a while.

IMG_4245 (2)

My other niece and nephew were super-excited to climb all over BC during all moments of the day (including at 6am when we were sleeping).

IMG_4215 (2)

Our other reason for the trip was for Monday Night Football- the Baltimore Ravens versus the Arizona Cardinals- more to come on that soon.

Apache Wash Hiking scenery

Because we know the amount Mexican food and BBQ we are about to consume on this trip, exercise was the first order of business. On our first morning BC and I went hiking in the Apache Wash Basin in Sonoran Desert in North Phoenix.

Apache Wash Trailhead hiking

We hiked 6 miles on the Apache Wash loop. There are many trials in the area with mountain biking and horse riding in addition to the runners and hikers. Obligatory cactus photos;

Apache Wash Hiking Me

This cactus (with its cactus boobs) made us both giggle a lot:

Female cactus Apache Wash Hiking

After the morning hike was my nephew’s soccer game in the blazing hot sun. The little kids were so cute falling over, trying to kick and miss, and not playing but talking to their teammates. Little kids soccer is hilarious!

IMG_7066 (2)

But the most important afternoon activity was BBQ from Q to U BBQ in Anthem, Arizona. The brisket was well worth the trip! They have piles of trophies in the corner of the restaurant showing off their BBQ prowess.

Q to U BBQ brisket sandwich

BC ordered ribs and my sister ordered pulled pork.

Q to U BBQ ribs

I’m adding Q to U BBQ to my short list for restaurants to return to in the Phoenix area.

The Anthem Fall Festival was going on so we stopped in for some bouncy house bouncing, shopping, and corn dog eating.

IMG_7095 (2)

My favorite shopping find: Kanye, the ginger.

IMG_7093 (2)

The Anthem Fall Festival was fun but more for kids to really enjoy climbing in fire trucks.

IMG_7099 (2)

Tonight is all about sitting/napping on the couch, catching up on lost sleep, and playing Rainbow Brite.  I promise there will be excellent Mexican food coming up as well as some fun football moments.

IMG_4224 (2)

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5 Responses

  1. I loved my visit to Phoenix. Best barbecue I have had so far and I finally got to see my favourite plant in the world, the incredible Saguaro Cactus.

  2. This looks like such a lovely trip! It’s always good to head to warmer weather and I love all of those pumpkins!! 🙂

  3. Mama Herself says:

    Deserts are impossibly exotic. I love (wjat I fondly imagine are) the little sprouting cacti buses in the first desert picture.

  4. Mariah says:

    Hee hee hee baby stinkeye.

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