Phoenix for Christmas

While Phoenix was not as warm as usual at Christmas-time this year, it is always wonderful to escape to a land of no coats and no snow. There are a lot of family-friendly Christmas themed activities in the Phoenix area so we were always on the go seeing lights, ice skating, Christmas shopping, and eating as much Mexican food as possible.

20191223_175300 (2)

Zoo lights at the Phoenix Zoo is an awesome light festival. But there are a lot of people who go- zoo at the zoo! Some year my mom and I are going to come back alone later in the evening so we can drink a beer, eat pretzels, and aimlessly wander. You really don’t have to have kids to enjoy this show.


The fam:


My arrival into Phoenix was not smooth like normal. My American Airlines non-stop flight ended up being delayed 7 hours (!) after a maintenance issue. So basically I screwed up everyone’s plans for the day. I was a tired aunt who required snuggles and selfies when I finally did arrive.

20191218_182719 (2)

And this beautiful, spicy mango margarita helped cure what ailed me:

20191219_122534 (2)

And these tacos from Modern Margarita filled my body’s empty food storage spot:

20191219_123522 (2)

But back to Christmas fun, there was more Christmas lights at World of Illumination. It moved to a new location in Glendale, AZ this year and was slightly less exciting compared to it’s old location but it was still cool.

20191222_18204120191222_183117 (2)20191222_183345

I ate a few burritos along the course of my trip per usual. Armando’s Mexican Grill is always good for a delicious, cheap ($5-6) burrito. The green chile and the California are my favorites so far. My sister swears by their breakfast burritos- next time!


On Christmas Eve morning we also went out for breakfast burritos at Limon. ‘Twas filling and amazing!

20191224_103715 (2)

But you can’t have this many burritos without some sort of exercise, right? While my sister made another airport run, she dropped me off at the Apache Wash hiking trailhead. I did between 4-5 miles of the Apache Wash Loop- fairly flat, a little boring, but it was a good way to experience the desert landscape on a 65 degree day in December. Plus, it got me out of a 2 hours round-trip airport run.


We did some ice skating as well. The ice was a wee-bit melty because it is Phoenix. I have some good photos were everyone is skating beautifully but this one made me laugh.

20191226_132309 (2)

And finally Grandma Sherry and Cassie posing by the Christmas tree.

20191226_135138 (2)

It was a fun week in Phoenix over the Christmas holiday this year. While I do miss the snow, I do not miss it that much. I love all the outdoor activities you can do in Phoenix in the winter (not in the summer so much though). Eat all the Christmas cookies and candy and use your sugar rush to power through the shopping, lights, and Christmas fun.

Reader Question: Are you a snow at Christmas person? Do you do the holidays away from home?

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  1. Megan says:

    Awesome pics. You got a better tree one at the zoo than I did.

  2. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! The lights are beautiful, and I agree that the warm weather around Christmas is a welcome break 🙂

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