Phoenix in April

Phoenix in April is a mixed bag of pollen, perfect temperatures, cacti in bloom, and the start of baseball season.  I love baseball and going to baseball games. The Arizona ballpark is indoor which is fantastic on a hot Sunday afternoon. My nieces, nephew, sister, and I shared a Paradise Valley Burger, fries, and a lot of blue cotton candy. Some would say cotton candy that was too blue!


It looks like she ate a smurf!


My favorite part of the game (which was exciting) was the Simba cam. While hoisting your child into the air like Simba in the Lion King is probably a horrible idea- both my sister and I grabbed the nearest child and raised them as high above our heads as we could. It was really fun!


My least favorite part about the game was the $13.75 beers. Sorry rich Diamondback owner, I will not spend that much on one beer. At Camden Yards the same beer costs $8.75- still expensive but manageable at least.


One day while the kids were at school my sister and I went out on a dammed lake outside of Phoenix with a few of her friends. Because it was a Wednesday, no one was out so we had the whole lake to ourselves almost. It was glorious! Who knew Phoenix had water Smile

20180425_101520 (2)

Sistering in our matching grey t-shirts:

20180425_114412 (2)

Before the weather in Phoenix becomes oppressive in summer, hiking is always a fun desert activity. We climbed Hole in the Rock at Papago Park, an archeological site that helped mark the equinoxes for the ancient Hohokam people.


The hike is super short- 2 year old Cassie did it. Overlooking Phoenix below, it was a good little family outing. My brother in law and my sister’s brother in law joined us for the hike and we all went out for beers and grub afterwards.


Views from above:


Normal sized beers we could lift for the ladies, ridiculous giant beers for the men, and a water cup for the little one.

imagejpeg_0 (1)

The weather in Phoenix was perfect for some morning running while my sister took the kids to school. Their school district was on strike for about 2 weeks but it didn’t start until the day I left. After running it was important to fuel up with donuts and sushi, right?


My lunch date stole my sunglasses. This looks like a paparazzi photo.


And as always, donuts. Desert Donuts is awesome. Some of our choices:

20180426_102303 (2)20180426_102332 (2)

It was a fun week in Phoenix with the family. Visiting Taliesin West, hiking to Hole in the Rock, running, jumping rope with the kids, playing Barbie, and eating all the donuts made for a great relaxing vacation. Arizona in April is a fantastic time to go, just try to leave your allergies at home!


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  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! The Simba cam is a pretty funny idea. But $13 beers!?! Ouch.

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