Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown, Massachusetts was a highlight of my trip to Cape Cod last week. The very colorful, LGBTQ+-friendly town is a place I could visit again and again. The former Portuguese fishing village has a compact downtown area with one major tourist street with shopping and eating.

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On the little side streets are the smaller guesthouses and the alley art walk. It is the unique touches like this that made Provincetown a special place.

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We stopped for a beer on the pier overlooking Cape Cod Bay. On a clear day you can see all the way to Boston but not today.

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There was a threat of rain all day but it didn’t materialize until after midnight. It was too cold to actually  lay on the beach that was in the middle of town but we walked on it for a bit.

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Our B&B host recommended that we skip climbing to the top of Pilgrim Monument and instead climb the stairs of the public library.

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The  library is known for having the best free views of the bay and also has a giant boat built into the 3rd and 4th floors. Because what library doesn’t have that, I am right?

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I didn’t make a big effort to discover the restaurant scene in Provincetown because I ate a gigantic and amazing lunch just before arriving in to town. We ate at Marconi Beach Restaurant in Wellfleet because it had good reviews and we were hungry after hiking around Cape Cad National Seashore. The hot lobster roll with sweet potato waffle fries (holy cow!) were to die for. This meal is why you should always order the lobster on the Northeast Coast.

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For dinner in Provincetown, Mom and I ended up buying some Dutch apple fudge (no chocolate for me!) from one of the many candy and fudge shops and ate it while chatting with our B&B neighbors around the fire pit. I book the Revere Guesthouse for two reason: 1) the good reviews, 2) the fire pit!

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In fact, I was so happy with my fire pit experience at the Revere, Mom and I purchased a mini-fire pit for my backyard the day after we got home from our little Cape Cod vacation.


Reader Question: Do you have a fire pit? Do you like roasting marshmallows? Mom and I are big fans of roasted marshmallows but BC is not. What a weirdo! Smile

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