Quebec City Women in Travel Summit

This year’s Women in Travel Summit (WITS) was held in Quebec City at the Fairmont’s Chateau Frontenac,  high on the hill on Quebec City’s Old Town. My Mom and I visited Quebec City once before on a cruise and loved it. I was pumped when the announcement for the WITS host city was released.


As I heard many times on this trip, Quebec City is a place to go for North Americans to visit for the European flair and feel without the jetlag.


Old Town is split into 2 parts- upper and lower. I mostly stayed in Old Town this trip only venturing outside the city walls a few times- once to visit Ile d’Orleans and on my food tour around the city.

Ile d’Orleans winery farmhouse:


Old Town Quebec City is a maze of streets and small squares. If you do not know your way around it is easy to get lost but so not lost you can’t find your way. Plus everyone I met here was really nice and didn’t mind my French is non-existent past “hello” and “thank you”.

20180506_161331 (2)

20180506_163933 (2)

The Women in Travel Summit was held at the Chateau Frontenac which is the grandest, most awesome hotel. From the lower part of Old Town it perches on top of the hill and is a tourist destination in itself. There is a tour given by the hotel for the history of the building and fun stories.

20180506_143536 (2)

Our food tour guide told us that her prom 35 years ago was held here. How cool!


My room at the Chateau Frontenac was one of the newly remodeled queen rooms. I had a decent view of the water and loved the setup of my room.

20180502_152320 (2)

There was a lot of space to spread out. But what stuck out the most was the housekeeping services. My lady must have been a stalker in normal life because after the first day she learned my schedule and I never saw her in my room and she never bothered me. I spoke with her in the hallways occasionally and she always called me by name. It was seriously the best!

20180502_152328 (2)

Nice views! I could see the cruise ships coming into and leaving port (when it wasn’t pouring rain which was often on this trip!).

20180504_111825 (2)

Quebec City and Visit Canada hosted an amazing party for WITS attendees at the newly renovated convention center with a live band, tons of amazing French Canadian delicacies, wine and spirits. We feasted:

20180504_190432 (2)

The owl at the party was freaking me out though. Guests were supposed to hold it but I just checked him out from afar.


I ate a ton of amazing food in Quebec City on my food tour and while wandering through the city. It mostly came in the form of carbs. Fougasse and apricot tart from Paillard:

20180504_102650 (2)

My non-carb go-to was a salad with some European flair and delicious Quebec beer.

20180505_194047 (2)

Despite the rainy and cold weather, I had an amazing time in Quebec City hanging out with my fellow Women Travelers and exploring the enchanting Quebec City. If you are in need of some European charm and are short on cash, time, or just hate flying far- try Quebec City!

Reader Question: Have you ever been to Quebec City?

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