Racing in the Rain- My Last Day on RAGBRAI

The night of Day 5 RAGBRAI was spent in Hiawatha on one of our group member’s basement floor. Somehow I managed to get on an air mattress, so I had a restful 8 hours of sleep. Basically I passed out from the 73 miles we biked the day before.

RAGBRAI group Hiawatha 2 (2)

My legs are so sore at this point. It is a different kind of sore- not like you did a lot of heavy lifting or worked a muscle you hadn’t in a while. It was more like my muscles were just tired and no longer felt like working.

IMG_2975 (2)

Today’s route rode into Springville after about 20 miles. I had to get a photo since it was Home of the Orioles- and I’m pretty sure Baltimore would disagree Smile

We were starving at this point but an amazing breakfast from the American Legion awaited us.. Most of the small towns have churches, Legions, 4H, school groups and more raising money for something by selling food and drinks so the hungry RAGBRAI bikers.

Day on RAGBRAI American Legion Springville

The American Legion in Springville had a pig in a blanket breakfast- sausage rolled up in pancakes. It came more like a sandwich.

IMG_2981 (2)

The shot on the side is maple syrup for dipping.  I ate mine like a taco. It was ginormous and just what I needed.

The group rode on into Mt. Vernon which is a gorgeous town with a small college, Cornell, in it. Cornell was smart and set up a Bloody Mary, mimosa, and screwdriver bar.  This guy had on my favorite jersey I saw on the ride.  Very colorful and quite funny. #teamcheneyforever

Day on RAGBRAI- Team Cheney

The group left Mt. Vernon in a hurry because what was supposed to be a hot and humid day turned into a mild, very rainy day. A storm brewed out of no where.

IMG_2984 (2)

We were able to make it to the small town of Sutliff, population too small to count and is not an incorporated town.

Day on RAGBRAI- Sutliff, Iowa

They have an awesome bike/pedestrian bridge and one business- the Baxa’s Sutliff Store and Tavern.  We took shelter under the porch roof and had a beer while the storm blew in.

Baxa’s Sutliff Store and Tavern

Since it was only 12 miles away from my finishing point in Solon- I pushed on after the worst of the storm was over.  Or so I thought.

RAGBRAI Leanne and I (2)

The last 12 miles into Solon were the worst of the ride. It was raining hard, the wind was strong and made me feel like I would fall off my bike if I went too fast. Eventually I made it and Mom was waiting for me in a nice, dry car.

228 miles and done with RAGBRAI for the year!!!

IMG_2990 (2)

Immediately I made a bee line for Dairy Queen for a butterscotch sundae. Happy Joe’s Taco pizza was ordered the moment we got home Smile  Yes!

IMG_2991 (2)

Besides the weather, the last day of RAGBRAI was a lot of fun! The RAGBRAI wrap-up post is coming up next!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Whoever came up with that bloody mary, mimosa and screwdriver bar was a genius 🙂

  2. Lean Lena says:

    Oh my, girl!!! You ROCK! 228 miles! Nicely done 🙂
    Looking forward to that recap 😉

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