Rafting and Ravens


Today was a day for white water rafting in Peru on the Urubamba River and watching football in Cusco.  It started off in the pouring rain in a sexy outfit- life jacket, plastic yellow coat, and giant blue shorts.


Notice my flip flops.  After 20 minutes of rafting (we rode for about 2 hours), I couldn’t feel my toes.  I lost my flip flop once in the boat and couldn’t put it back on because I couldn’t guide my foot.  About 3 hours after we finished, all feeling returned.  Note to self:  if rafting again in the freezing cold, buy water socks!


The rapids were amazing!  It is rainy season in Peru so the rivers are very full, making for some giant rapids.  The guide says they were mostly 4’s with some 3’s and some he would call 4+’s.  They were huge. The Urubamba river had the biggest rapids I’ve ever been rafting on.

DSCN9802 DSCN9812 (photos by Marco)

And I managed to stay in the boat! (This has been a problem in the past)


Then it was on to the Paddy’s Irish Pub for to watch the Baltimore Ravens beat the Broncos. Paddy’s was full of Europeans and Americans and they had American football on the televisions.


I had a Peruvian beer or two to drink.  Cusquena is delicious!


I found 2 other Americans to watch football with, one was a Broncos semi-fan and the other a die hard Packer fan.  The Bronco fan graciously put up with me jumping up and down and yelling at the television.  Ravens!!!

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