RAGBRAI 2015- Eldora

Today was a great day to go for a bike ride in Iowa.  The weather cooperated, it was cool in the morning with a high around 82. Today I biked for a total of 54 miles.

IMG_0073 (2)

My aunt, her friend and I loaded up the biked at 7am this morning to start our RAGBRAI ride. RAGBRAI stands for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. Tens of thousands of bike riders partake in RAGBRAI.  If you are from Iowa riding is a rite of passage and something most athletic Iowans do at least once.

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I did a few days last year and am planning on doing most of the days this year. In total there are 7 days- I am not doing them all.  Today was Day 3 from Ft. Dodge to Eldora.  My aunt, uncle, and grandmother live in Eldora so I am staying at their place so I don’t have to camp.

Aunt Roberta and Karen riding into town. (I was slightly ahead so I could stop and take pictures often).

IMG_2789 (2)

There was one odd time on our way into Alden where there was a bridge out so the construction crew built us a wooden bridge to cross to get around the mess.

IMG_2812 (2)

We all got off our bikes and walked them for about a quarter mile.  It seems weird but it was a very welcome break at the time.  I got to know all the people surrounding me. There are people here from Mexico, Europe, and most of the 50 states.

IMG_2814 (2)

Lunch in Alden was crazy!  So many bikes!

IMG_2822 (2)

Alden is the tiny town that my aunt used to teach in so she knew where to go for the good views.

IMG_2820 (2)

Lunch was amazing. Karen had the most photogenic with her pulled chicken sandwich.  I got a slice of pizza and some homemade cookies from a church. I cannot resist church lady cooking and eating like a 5 year old.

IMG_2823 (2)

At mile 43 I was wearing down when the beer tent arose from the cornfields. The Iowa Craft Beer Tent was in the right place at the right time.  I ordered a West-O Honeysuckle Saison that hit the spot. Carbs + liquid= amazing in the hot sun.

IMG_2834 (2)IMG_2836 (3)

In all today, we rode through Webster City, Boondocks, Williams, Alden, and Buckeye before ending in Eldora for a total of 54.2 miles.

IMG_2858 (2)

I had some tired (and dirty) legs!!!


Eldora is a beautiful small town with a great town square and courthouse.

Eldora RAGBRAI festival courthouse

My grandparents used to own the building of movie theatre here. Today they showed American Graffiti, running all day, in honor of the last time RAGBRAI picked Eldora as an overnight town.


There was a lot of delicious food consumed today and there will be an entire post about that later but my favorite of the day was this rhubarb pie from the Eldora Methodist Church spaghetti dinner. Rhubarb pie is where it is at!!!

Eldora RAGBRAI rhubarb pie

More from RAGBRAI tomorrow- Eldora to Cedar Falls.

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