RAGBRAI Day 4- Eldora to Cedar Falls

Day 4 of RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) was the shortest day of the route that I did- 59 miles total. It was a fairly flat and fun ride through Steamboat Rock, Ackley,  Austinville, Aplington, Parkersburg, New Hartford, finally ending in Cedar Falls.

RAGBRAI Day 4 2015

It was a clear and somewhat cool morning that was perfect for bicycling with my aunt.

2015 RAGBRAI Day 4

If you have never been surrounded by corn for miles and miles, this part of Iowa is the place to get lost.

IMG_2875 (2)

Breakfast was in Ackley, Iowa this morning after 20 miles of bike riding. The line for Farm Boys breakfast burritos was huge so Aunt Roberta grabbed a piece of maple bacon for us to munch on while we waited.

IMG_2881 (2)

Farm boys has a great breakfast for a long day of riding. You can get a burrito or bowl with eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon, and regular breakfast burrito fixings.

RAGBRAI Farm Boys breakfast

I went for the bowl this morning as it is a lot less messy! Aunt Roberta washed hers down with milk and I had some diet coke. We drink loads of water while biking in the summer sun so a different kind of beverage is nice.  One can only drink so much Gatorade.

IMG_2887 (2)

We made a pit stop on the road at Mr. Pork Chop– a kind of a food truck parked at one of the farmsteads along the way.  This was my favorite sign of the day Smile

IMG_2892 (2)

Parkersburg has some fun bicycle sculptures on display.

IMG_2894 (2)

IMG_2897 (2)

We stopped for an ice cream sandwich from Thelma’s– a Des Moines based company that follows RAGBRAI across Iowa. Snickerdoodle with vanilla ice cream here.

RAGBRAI Day 4 Thelma's Ice cream sandwiches

Around the 50 mile mark I was losing a lot of steam. The Iowa Craft Beer Tent usually makes an appearance right when I need them.

IMG_2909 (2)

A lot of other people were feeling the afternoon heat and were in need of a beverage as well.

IMG_2911 (2)

Aunt Roberta and I split a beer and were on our way. Cedar Falls was the end point for Day 4 and my uncle was there to pick up my aunt. He picked her up at the Iowa Visitors Center on Hudson Road.

IMG_2916 (2)

A very gorgeous place!

IMG_2920 (2)

Cedar Falls is the home to the University of Northern Iowa, where a lot of my friends went to college. UNI let bikers stay in the dorms overnight and to shower for the camping bikers. My friends that met me in Cedar Falls to ride and I are staying in Bender Hall. It will be like college all over again!

IMG_2926 (3)

Overall Day 4 totals: 59.2 miles today bringing me up to 113.4 miles total so far on RAGBRAI. (yes my butt is very sore!)

IMG_2929 (2)

It is time to get down in Cedar Falls with Hairball- a rock cover band before resting up for tomorrow long, long ride.

IMG_2932 (2)

Stayed tuned for more!

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