RAGBRAI- Night in Independence, Iowa


Fifty miles in one day is the most I have ever biked at once.  It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t pretty but it was done. We made it to Independence, Iowa.


Here we are crossing a major highway (for Iowa) with the help of the State Patrol.  They kept cars from running over RAGBRAI bikers as we crossed the whole state.


After a rousing game of giant beer pong, we headed to Grandma’s house in Independence, Iowa.


Grandma (as we call her) is the grandmother of a college roommate of a member of our riding team.  No one had ever met her before but she opened up her house for us, make snacks, and let us use her shower!

Grandma with the RAGBRAI team:


Food was the first thing on everyone’s mind.  We attempted to go to a church dinner- which other experienced RAGBRAI riders tell me this is the best way to have a cheap, delicious dinner.  But we were too late and they only had 2 plates worth of food left.  We ended up at the party with vendors, bands, and beer.  I opted for some BBQ pork nachos and a Slingshot beer.  Healthy no, yummy yes!


I could hardly finish my beer I was so tired.  There was a 70’s cover band playing but bed was calling my name.


I slept on the living room couch for a solid 8 hours that night.  I’m not sure I even rolled over once, just crashed from being so tired from biking 50 miles and the storm/tent fiasco from the night before..  Grandma made us coffee and fed us scotcharoos for breakfast (Love!) and waves goodbye to us as we biked on towards Guttenburg.  Iowa people are so nice.


I attempted to video my ride into Oelwein but it did not turn out very well.  Watch at your own risk!  It is bumpy.

Riding into Oelwein, IA

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