Rainy Day at Loch Ness

Scotland is not known for it’s gorgeous weather so five days into our Scotland vacation with mostly sunny skies, we knew our luck had run out weather-wise. We traveled from Isle of Skye to western side of Loch Ness through downpours which miraculously lightened up when we arrived at Urquhart Castle.

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Urquhart Castle has a tumultuous history with long periods of war, raids, with its inhabitants eventually blowing up the place and leaving forever. A very strange story for sure.

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But really we came here because Urquhart Castle gives a good vantage of Loch Ness and possibly it’s mysterious monster- Nessie!

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BC and I looked and looked but no signs of Nessie appeared.

We drove to the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition where they basically told us Nessie is not real despite all the accounts. I’m sure this Debbie Downer museum also kicks puppies and doesn’t believe in Santa.

But for real the exhibits and videos reveal what is really going on in Loch Ness, largest fresh body of water in Britain. The science behind it all was actually quite interesting.


After all that disappointment I needed some food! My guidebook recommended a restaurant that just happened to be on the way to our awesome B&B for the night.  We drove through Inverness but didn’t stop (saving this for a future Scotland trip perhaps?), on our way to the Dores Inn on the eastern bank of Loch Ness.


We ordered a Tennents beer, a popular Scottish lager, which was pretty good. The sweet waitress convinced us to try the Scottish specialty haggis. The minute after we ordered (a steak for me in case we did not like the haggis, and haggis for BC) a lady from California leaned over to us and said they tried haggis yesterday and hated it. Great, thanks for that info lady. It really rubbed me the wrong way that she would do that so I avoided extending that conversation.

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Luckily she was totally wrong and the haggis was awesome! BC really liked it and I stole a bunch of bites because it was really good.

My steak was also excellent but the haggis was the star. And oh yes, the annoying woman couldn’t believe we liked it.


After our lunch/dinner adventure we drove down a one lane road for about 30 minutes to get to the tiny, tiny village of Foyers, home to our B&B, Scotia Boat and Breakfast. This B&B was exciting for us because it is a boat on Loch Ness!

IMG_0920 (2)

The cabin itself was a little musty and tiny but the common areas were fun and all the guests hung out together. I would have liked to sit on the top deck and look out over Loch Ness but it would not stop raining until the next day at noon.

IMG_0922 (2)

We had to drop off our rental car (yay! we are sick of driving) in Stirling, home of the William Wallace Monument. This was definitely worth the stop! Climbing all those stairs was hard but the view was amazing!

image3 (1)

And swords!

Onto Edinburgh next!

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