Rainy day in Barcelona


La Sagrada Familia is not the only site to see in Barcelona- although in my opinion it is the best! Gaudi also designed other houses, parks, and buildings that are worth the time, and sometimes $, to go see.  Unfortunately for me, my cash was running very low (since my ATM card was turned off for fraudulent use 5 minutes before my flight to Spain) so I could only partake in free activities for most of today.  Park Guell designed mostly by Gaudi is a perfect free attraction and a must-see one too.


The benches are my favorite part with their bright colored tile work.

You have to walk up a giant hill from the main road unless you take a cab all the way up. Buses can’t get through on the narrow streets.


It was super-crowded when we arrived.  The day before was pouring down rain so a lot of people were making up for not coming the day before, plus there were two cruise ships in port.


10 years ago I took this same photo.  It was very hot and sunny that day and the pictures turned out a little brighter and better.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to come back in 10 years and try again 🙂


Park Guell started out being built as part of a housing edition in 1900 and was finished in 1914.  Gaudi lived there for a while in one of only two houses that were ever built.

Later that night we ate at a great restaurant and had some pink bubbly- known as Cava in these parts.

SpainBarcelona 100SpainBarcelona 099SpainBarcelonacava

We stopped for fancy desserts on the way home because it was pouring rain again.


Lime and basil goodness.


Orange and chocolate something or other that had my tourmates oooh-ing and aaah-ing.

That is the end of my Spain vacation (tear). My next post will be a wrap-up of the best sights, food, cities, and experiences so you all can better plan your Spain trips that I know you will take in the future.

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