Rainy Day in Moorea

Today we were supposed to stop at the first island on our cruise itinerary- Moorea.  I’ve been here once before and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans and flooded the pier.  The ship was unable to tender in any passengers so we were stuck on the ship all day.

Zero visibility in paradise Sad smile

Moorea no visibility

It was raining so hard that there were waterfalls coming down the mountainsides- not normal.  There are not generally waterfalls here, so much rain has caused some mudslides on Moorea as well.  It was best we didn’t stop but I was very bummed.

Moorea Flooded waterfalls

When vacation gives you rain, you make the best of it.  Aboard the Oceania Marina, Mom and I saw a movie, played trivia, read books, went to high tea, and relaxed.

I was feeling very British while wearing my fancy pants and eating scones with clotted cream during tea.

Oceania Marina tea time

Time for a cruise ship tour!

Oceania Marina sun deck

The cruise ship we are on, the Oceania Marina, is the fanciest ship I’ve been on.  The food is fantastic, the room is big (big for a cruise ship), and the bathroom is enormous!!!

Oceania Marina Room

A bathtub

Oceania Marina Bathroom

and a shower.  I’ve always wanted to take BC on a cruise just to see if we would be able to fit his shoulders in a cruise ship shower.  On most ships the odds are 50/50, on the Marina he would have no problem.

Oceania Marina Bathroom shower

We upgraded to a balcony at last minute because they were offering us quite the deal.  I’ve never had a balcony on a cruise before.  My usual thought is that you are never in the room on a cruise anyway, so why pay more for a balcony/suite/view?  With the deal, Mom and I decided to go for it this once.


I’m loving the balcony!

The weather thus far has not been condusive to outdoor ship activities like mini-golf, golf driving cage, tennis court, shuffleboard, or ping pong.

Oceania putting green

The Marina has some indoor activities- they have an excellent library (we all know that I am a book nerd!), an art center for taking art classes, and a culinary center for cooking classes.  I’m the least artistically talented person ever but learning to cook something would be a great option on a sea day or a rainy day.

Oceania Marina Culinary Center

Tomorrow we are in Bora Bora and hoping for better weather! Stay tuned!

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