Rainy days in Nova Scotia

It has been raining for 2 days straight now.  We have been in Nova Scotia both days- Cape Brenton Island, Sydney, and Halifax.

The city of Sydney was pretty small.  It had a few churches, shops, and things but mostly tourists go out to Cape Brenton Island to the villages where they still speak Gaelic.

NovaScotia 006

The views would have been spectacular but there was quite the dense fog in these areas today.

NovaScotia 012

These cows have quite the nice view from their pad.

Random anchor in someone’s yard:

NovaScotia 003

In Halifax it wasn’t only foggy but pouring rain.  The only time it stopped was when we were in the Public Gardens, a 17 acre Victorian Garden in the middle of Halifax.  They had a lot of pretty flowers, in particular dahlias.

NovaScotia 025

NovaScotia 014

Ducks hanging out by some pink flowers.

NovaScotia 019

The dahlias:  they were all hybrid varieties developed in the area.

NovaScotia 021

My favorites were these orangey-pink guys:

NovaScotia 023

The photos are pretty lame today due to not wanting my camera to get too wet.

We are off to Bar Harbor, Maine, where we hope the weather is much improved!!!

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  1. Courtney says:

    Boo rain. But it has been rainy here too (yesterday) so at least you aren’t missing out on great weather at home. I need you to come in to work a few days…I have no one to talk to, especially in the late afternoons!

    Your pics are great! I like them!

  1. May 5, 2015

    […] was a cute little town.  I would recommend a side trip here if you are ever in Halifax.  It gets a little crowded on the weekends (and probably more so on a holiday weekend) so go […]

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