White Temple, Thai Massage and Rice Harvesting


Hello from the Thai countryside! Over the past few days the group has done some random Thai activities like Thai massages (not recommended! Ouch!) and rice harvesting. We also visited the ornate White Temple.

LampangThailand 011

This is my massage lady who beat me up.  Thai massage is when they move your body around, stopping and starting blood flow, and literally walking all over you.  It was so painful- the legs were the worst.  There were 4 tour mates with me in the room (you wear giant pjs)- one tourmate kept crying out in pain, I giggled uncontrollably at him, and one tourmate made the therapist stop halfway through.  After the massage we all felt spectacular but ouch!!!

Side note: the massage ladies only give massages to women but most of the time they offer the “happy ending” to the men.  Yep that pop culture reference is in fact true.


Then there was rice harvesting.  You actually beat the rice shoots against the ground or a grate to separate the rice from the stalks.

Danielle demonstrates proper form:

Beating the rice Thailand

Joshica another tour mate is terrible at it and would be fired immediately.

Rice Harvesting Thailand

I didn’t know anything about harvesting rice so this was interesting to me, not enough for me to actually beat the rice, but enough that I took pictures and listened.

Everyday we see a new temples.  Temples are starting to look the same to me.  Uh- oh.

LampangThailand 004

Important little emerald Buddha in front of a big Buddha.

And then there was the White Temple near Chiang Rai. This temple doesn’t look like any other temple I have seen before.

White Temple Thailand

White Temple looks like a frosting castle from Candyland or something that belongs in the movie Frozen.

White Temple Bridge

This guy designed White Temple.  He got his own cardboard cutout outside the entrance.

White Temple Designer

I’m a nerd.

Also I found big snacks:

LampangThailand 064

Each one of these bags is about 3 feet tall.  I really like Thai snacks- they have some really awesome flavors that are weird but good- seaweed chips, sesame and honey crisps, rice cakes, jelly popsicles, and tiny bananas.  Tiny bananas were my favorite.

Next up we are heading on a bus from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok.  It is a 10 hour ride give or take- blah.  But at the end of the 10 hour bus ride is a 30 hour travel adventure back to Baltimore.  The journey home is beginning soon!

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