Ready for Bawlmer’s HonFest, hon?


HonFest is one of my favorite Baltimore festivals.  It takes place in Hampden, just a few minutes north of the city.  The residents of Hampden like to call everyone “hon” as in “honey” for term of endearment; thus the name HonFest.


Part of the tradition of being a true “hon” is to do the beehive hairdo and dress from the 1960s.  And the bigger the beehive, the better.


They do have a beauty parlor onsite if you can’t get your beehive high enough at home.  Someday I may be crazy enough to do this.

This poor kid looks so confused with all the feathers and the blue piano lady!


They have a HonFest Beauty Contest crowning the winning “Hon”.  It is a real hoot to listen to them speak in a thick Baltimore (Bawlmer) accent.


With throngs of Hons walking around, fresh crab cake sandwiches, pit BBQ, live jazz music, and unique shopping booths there is a lot happening at Honfest.  Check it out next summer!


Some cool things about Hampden:  34th Street is only a block long and puts on a bright Christmas light, loud sound, artsy showcase for Christmas which is totally gaudy and awesome!  A quick drive down the street in December should be on your list if you happen to be in Baltimore in December.  Also, Director John Waters (director of Hairspray– set in Baltimore and all about the big beehive hair) hangs out in Hampden.  I saw him once at dinner- Hampden is unusually full of delicious restaurants.

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    Please, please get a beehive! 🙂

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