Ribeauville, France

Today we are in Ribeauville, France, a small town in the Alsace Region in France known for wine, cheese, and French countryside.

But first, Caden in his new Russian hat.  (Alayna is sleeping off to the side).

france 001

Two days ago I arrived in Germany at my sister’s house after my big Russia trip.  Playing with my niece and nephew for a day was welcome on this big travel adventure.

Today we loaded up the car and headed to the Alsace region of France which is only 120 miles away from Stuttgart. My brother-in-law was making good time on the Autobahn.  We were going 110 mph at some points and once got passed by a Jetson-style motorcycle going 140mph.  The autobahn is terrifying but 99% of people follow the rules about moving over when a car is passing.

Our hotel was the Hotel Au Lion in Ribeauville on Alsace Wine Road.  It was a very pretty small town with lots of good restaurants.  Other towns were bigger with more to see but they were also more expensive to stay.

ribeauville hotel

The hotel with great flower window boxes.

ribeauville france fountain

Caden in the square outside our hotel.

Ribeauville France hotel downtown

Megan in the hotel room window.

On our way to dinner we ran into a random parade.

ribeauville France parade

Dinner consisted of bacon and cheese flatbread with more cheese.  Munster, the town where the cheese of the same name comes from, is close-by. They really love their cheese in this region.  Megan had cheese, ham, and potatoes.  Josh had some meat with a side of cheese. And escargot!  It was delicious.

ribeauville france escargot

The walk home in Ribeauville:

Ribeauville France at night

Wine tastings, castles, and other pretty towns in the Alsace Region of France is coming up next!

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  1. Isabel says:

    Vacations with family in France? Sounds like perfect!!

  1. September 25, 2014

    […] from Stuttgart, Germany and more European adventures are coming […]

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