Roadtrip to Maine


My friend Rebekah invited me to roatrip to Maine with her for her family reunion in Bethel, Maine.  She lives the furthest south in the family and needed a roadtripping buddy to keep her entertained on the 11 hour drive up to Maine.  Obviously she thought of me first because I’m a hoot, a good map reader, and have a lot of free time on my hands 🙂


The family lakehouse was on Lake Howard outside of Bethel, Maine.  Bethel is inland, close to New Hampshire- where I have never been and was excited to check a new state off the list.  In the winter skiers come to this area to ski at Sunday River so it has year-round tourist activity.


Bethel has a cute New England village-feel.  There was a covered bridge- the most photographed in Maine


At the S.S. Milton in Bethel we chowed down.  All over Maine there are lobster and lobster rolls at fairly inexpensive prices (when compared with other places).


Rebekah got the lobster grilled cheese and I had the lobster roll.  Sometimes they are done with a little mayo or a little butter.  This was was the mayo version and ‘twas delicious!!!


It actually looks like there was more mayo than there really was.  I  promise it was to die for- and I am not big on mayo.  If I ever go back to Bethel (maybe during ski season), the Milton would be on my list of restaurants to visit.  The artichoke appetizer and stuffed mushrooms were also really good.

After lunch we walked around town.  Quaint, cute, small are my descriptive words.  But I did find a telephone booth at the Bethel Inn.  They still exist!  This one was quite fancy.


Next up was stand up paddleboarding!  Back at the lakehouse we took a few laps around the lake.  I’ve heard stand up paddleboarding is a good core and arm workout and my arms were quite sore the next day.


The lake was perfectly calm most of the time because it is so secluded and hardly any boats.  It was the perfect place to try some new sports- paddleboarding and waterskiing.  My waterskiing skills are not as good as my paddleboarding skills though.

Rebekah: MaineLakesRebekahSUP

Then her aunt wanted a picture of her paddleboarding and asked her to turn around.  Rebekah promptly fell in.  It was really funny 🙂


More lobster and sightseeing in New Hampshire and Maine coming up next!

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  1. September 28, 2014

    […] and I left her family lakehouse in Maine to meader through eastern New Hampshire in the Notches area.  We stopped first in Grafton Notch […]

  2. March 22, 2018

    […] My favorite food experience on this trip was on one of our trips into Bethel, Maine- the nearby town with bunches of cute shops and restaurants. I had a fantastic lobster roll last time I was in town at the Sudbury Inn. […]

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