Roadtripping to Great Basin National Park

The Great West US roadtrip has begun. On Tuesday we picked up the camper in Las Vegas. Jucy is the company we are renting from this trip. They offer a much better price than the other RV rental agencies we checked out.


Since she is purple and green I wanted to name her Barney but she seemed like a female- so we have Betty the campervan. There will be much more about Betty in future posts as we figure out how she works.

First thing we did was stop at Walmart for supplies where my credit card was denied for suspicious use.  Yes I just spend a lot of money at Walmart in Las Vegas.  My bank knows deep down I am a Target shopper.


I bought a strawberry cookie in the middle of nowhere Nevada to make me feel better. Thankfully my bank had turned my card back on by then.

BC and I arrived really late into the Ely, NV area so we settled down for the night at Elk Ridge campground in Cave Lake State Park outside Ely, Nevada.  It was goregous! If I knew how to take pictures of the night sky with my camera or iphone, you would die. This area is well known for their night skies due to lack of population and light.

IMG_7059 (2)

In the morning we woke up to this.  The first night in the camper went pretty well until we almost froze our rear ends off.  Luckily BC is a good cuddler.  It was cold people, like winter cold. We will spend the time making the bed the right way before it gets dark tomorrow.

IMG_7060 (2)

We headed off to Baker, Nevada and the entrance to Great Basin National Park. We made it but there was no restaurant open (because after Labor Day is off season officially) and BC needed some food since we didn’t eat anything besides chips for dinner the night before. The park ranger sent us to a diner/hotel/gift shop/gas station combo about 15 minutes away- in Utah! We didn’t mean to go to Utah until much later in the trip.  Oh well.

IMG_7066 (2)

I ate a delicious breakfast burrito with homemade salsa from the Border Inn and BC had some eggs, ham, and pancakes.


I’m glad we did  a big breakfast because we skipped lunch because we were busy hiking.  #nationalparkproblems


On the road again to Great Basin:

IMG_8531 (2)

Great Basin National Park is up next!

IMG_8532 (2)

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