Rockwell Museum and Poppleton Bakery- Corning, NY

This is it- the last morning of our Finger Lakes vacation. Vacation itself isn’t over as we are driving straight to the beach but the Finger Lakes, Corning, Hammondsport, and Watkins Glen was the perfect laid-back trip for an extended weekend in the Northeast US.

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My morning in Corning, NY started at Poppleton Bakery with a much-needed iced coffee and a savory spinach crepe.  Yum!

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I’ve never actually ordered crepes before but the owner suggested it. It had spinach, tomato, feta, eggs, basil mayo, and slivered almonds in it.  I will be ordering crepes again- hopefully crepes are always this good.

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Poppleton Bakery is very cute with lots of space to work on your computer and blog Smile

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Our last stop of the morning was to the Rockwell Museum– not to be confused with the Norman Rockwell Museum- although they do have one Norman Rockwell.

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The Rockwell Museum is an impressive collection of Southwest Art and other rotating exhibits. It is the former City Hall converted to a 4 story American art museum. This is one of the old jail cells that is now someone’s office. Haha- the jokes that the employee must come up with…

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My favorite two parts of the museum were the four western themed Andy Warhol paintings and the American Civil War photograph exhibit. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed in those areas so I can’t give you a sneak peek.


You will have to visit the Rockwell Museum in downtown Corning and see for yourself. The Warhols’ were fun- Annie Oakley was the subject of one of them.

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The museum also has summer gatherings on their amazing outdoor rooftop porch with music and margaritas. You can view a lot of graffiti in the alleyways from the rooftop. That graffiti is planned, fun graffiti painted by local school kids from an alternative school; they get their art credits from working with the museum on these projects.

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And with that, my Finger Lakes trip is over. On to the beach!


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3 Responses

  1. I love crepes and don’t eat them often enough!
    So glad you had a great time.

  2. An iced coffee sounds so good just now. We’re in Florida, it’s 7:00 am and it is already hot outside. Wish I had some ice for my morning coffee.

  3. Sara says:

    Those pastries look delicious!! I love all the brightly painted walls everywhere you went!! Gorgeous!!

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