Hiking in Ronda, Spain- Day 2


Today was all about hiking in Ronda, Spain- up and down the cliffs and around town.  My hiking buddy Sandy and I went down to the valley with all the pretty fields.  This is the first time I forgot to bring my camera somewhere!!!  Mostly because I didn’t bring my purse.  Sandy is sending me her pictures so I’ll post some later.  The hike was supposed to take 2 hours but we got lost and ended up going down the wrong path twice only to climb back up.  My butt got a good workout!

Ronda Spain valley

(We hiked mostly on those white-ish paths down there in the valley)

There were a couple dozen hikers doing the same thing as us so we eventually asked them the correct way (our map was worthless).  We also ran into some exhibitionists on the way back up the hill.  We giggled uncontrollably for the rest of the hike.

Hiking in Ronda was interesting for sure! 🙂

Lunch was tuna with wasabi ice cream (and beer) with a view of the Old City walls from Dos Locos Tapas:




The bullring and bullfighting museum in Ronda were cool.  Bullfighting season  usually only happens in September when their fair takes place.  That is the case for most bullfighting.  When we were in Seville bullfighting was going on because the fair happening as well.

Me in the bull ring:



Part of the Bullfighting Museum had an antique gun collection.  I didn’t really care about it but here’s a photo for BC.


Before dinner went hiking in Ronda again but this time we went back down the cliff to go under the bridge (cue Red Hot Chili Peppers in your head).

Starting from the top:

Ronda Spain Bridge

All the way down here:

Ronda Spain under the bridge

My butt and legs are very sore from all this climbing.  I guess that means I can eat more tapas!

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