Rowhouse Renovations- New Floors and a Fancy Stairway

We interrupt the regularly scheduled South American adventures to bring you up to date on some house projects. The Baltimore rowhouse renovation continues.

While in South America for over a month BC got to work on the house ripping up floors and replacing subfloor. We had to do it on the first floor because the hot water heater rusted out, flooded the area (we don’t have a basement so the water heater is on the first floor), and ruined the hardwood floors. It also ruined some subfloor which he also replaced.

IMG_2501 (1)

However, I like to make things as messy as possible so the decision was made to tear out the carpet on the 2nd and 3rd floors too so we could put down matching hardwood. And finally it is all done! I’m so happy I don’t have to put on shoes in the middle of the night to let the dog out. It was so dirty.

New floors!


We picked an engineered hickory, the color is rosehill. I’m a big fan about how it turned out. The only thing I didn’t think about what how loud Cyrus the dog would be walking around. I bought a few rugs for under the bed to help in the middle of the night not to wake everyone up when he moves around.

Project #2 adds a lot of character to the stairway by adding crown molding/wainscoting to the walls.

IMG_2585 (2)

I really wanted to paint both walls navy blue (Old Navy by Benjamin Moore to be exact) but we comprised on the doing the lower wall only- he wanted everything white. But now that its done, he loves it. Maybe I can convince him to paint the upper wall too!

IMG_2633 (2)

(it photographs a little darker than it really is in person)

Painting during the Nor’easter:

TTQI3399 (2)

Our water meter in on the inside of the house (houses built in the 1890s are interesting) and the box hiding it has always been super-ugly. The new, improved box:

IMG_2632 (2)

Still left on the list is restaining the stairs darker than they previously were (since we have darker hardwood than previous) and possibly changing out the wooden stairway poles into some metal. This one we have to think about some more.

I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out (well, unless he let’s me paint the other wall navy blue too!) and best yet is I got to miss the floor demo by frolicking around in South America! Renovations make a lot of dust!

Reader Question: Have you done any renovations recently? How well do you deal with the dust and mayhem?

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