Running Goals for 2017

Running 7 races in 2017 was a goal of mine. Here are the fun races around the country I did in 2017.

Part of my New Year’s Resolution was to run races and have more fun doing it. My goal was to run 6 races this year and I ended up exceeding it! I go on vacation a lot (obviously) so sometimes my vacation schedule is not conducive to staying in racing shape.

1) St. Patricks Day 5K- Baltimore


The first race I do every year is the Kelly St. Patrick’s Day 5K in Baltimore. The weather is finally getting nice out and a 5K isn’t too taxing on me. The best part is that a lot of my friends do this run and we all go out for beers afterwards- ‘tis the theme of the day!

2) Sole of the City 10K- Baltimore


This is probably my favorite race in Baltimore. The 10K distance is hard but not too hard. I have to train but not too much so if vacations get in the way- I’ll still survive. The Sole of the City starts about a mile from my house so is very convenient to get to early in the morning. And again, we brunch afterwards.

3) Fargo’s Go Far Woman 10K (also a half marathon and 5K distances)

IMG_0616 (2)

This was my race to travel to this year. It was another New Year’s Resolution to finish traveling to all 50 states and I only had a few left- including North Dakota. I found the Go Far Woman race which for a weekend in August where I had nothing going on.


It was a small race but I found a running buddy and we ran 5 of the 6 miles together.  Afterwards the Farmer’s Market had great poke, beer, and live music.  I had a fun little trip exploring Fargo and the race gave me a reason to go.


4) Baltimore Running Festival 5K (also marathon and half marathon)


This year’s Baltimore Running Festival was in the Inner Harbor (a few blocks from my house). My dog and boyfriend met me after the run where I shared my 2 free beers (with the human) while we waited for my friend to finish the half marathon. This is a big race with a lot of participants, a great after party, and brings out the best of Baltimore. Residents line the streets of the marathon cheering on runners- it is a whole lot of fun!


5) Gobble Cobble Turkey Trot- 5K


In my family we run and then we eat turkey- whether we get together in Phoenix or Baltimore. This year my mom and brother celebrated in Baltimore with me. Honorary sister Mandy joins us for the fun Gobble Cobble 5K in Harbor East before the day’s festivities begin. This year we rolled up to the start line 20 seconds before the gun went off! Oops- we cut it a little close this year. An easy 5K through the Inner Harbor, the chilly morning temperatures is usually the most challenging part. Later when gorging on turkey, the guilt is far less when you get in a morning run.

6) Race 13.1 Series 10K (half marathon, 10K, and 5K)


Last Saturday Mandy, Dawn, and I woke up super early to run the 10K as part of the Race 13.1 Series in Baltimore. A 7am start time in December makes for a chilly start but the run itself was beautiful, going along the Canton waterfront. Most runners opt for the half marathon but we did the 10K, finished in an hour, and headed to a delicious brunch with all-you-can-drink mimosas. I also napped pretty hard after Smile

7) Ugly Sweater Run 5K

Ugly Sweater run

(photo from 2 years ago)

The Ugly Sweater Run is a fun excuse to get together with your other runner friends, dress hilariously, and get some miles in. It is next weekend and I have big plans on wearing an ugly sweater dress over my running tights. Last year’s was cancelled due to an ice storm but fingers crossed we get some good (not too chilly) weather this year.

It was a fun year of races and ended up exceeding my racing goals. Maybe next year with more time on my hands I’ll do a fun vacation race again. Either way, racing with friends is always a fun day, especially when followed up by brunch!

Reader Question: Are you a runner? What was your favorite race this year?

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