Sagrada Familia- Barcelona, Spain


Welcome to Sagrada Familia- one of my top 5 favorite sights ever.  Sagrada Familia is a Catholic Church that started being built in the 1880’s.  It is still unfinished as you can see in these pictures.  I was here last about 10 years ago (I’m aging myself) and there was no roof or stained glass in place.  There has been lot of progress over the past decade and instead of the building process taking 100 more years (as was once said), they are trying to finish by 2026.


Me outside the Sagrada Familia.

Antoni Gaudi was put in charge of Sagrada Familia and designed what it is becoming today.  He worked on it for 43 years until he got hit by a street car and died 3 days later in 1926.  Bummer.


The inside of Sagrada Familia is a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring sight even unfinished.  The magnificently tall ceilings make you feel tiny and the columns holding up the magnificent ceilings are like circular, bended tree trunks and branches.  The attached museum revealed that Gaudi did not use straight lines in many designs and took his ideas from nature.  My architect friends probably know a lot more about this than what I know or can explain.  Gaudi designed a lot more building/structures/parks around Barcelona and you can always pick them out because of the similar no-straight-line-designs.

The ceiling:




This is massive!  The upstairs is still off limits.  It was pouring rain outside while we were inside so they wouldn’t let any tourists go up to the top.


Front altar:


Other entrance:


I love stained glass windows and the Sagrada Familia is not lacking for them.  Actually only about half are in place.  I can’t wait to see them all when it is finally finished!

The side windows:

SpainBarcelonaSagradaFamiliastainedglass2 SpainBarcelonaSagradaFamiliastainedglass3

By the altar:


Up close and personal:


All of the little details make it so neat.  A lot of the stained glass and “art” had saying on them.  I’m not sure what they say or mean but the attention to detail made it that much more spectacular.

Designs on the pillars:

SpainBarcelonaSagradaFamiliapillars SpainBarcelonapillars2

The outside of Sagrada Familia is partially covered by netting with a few cranes hard at work.  It mars the view but hey, they need to finish the structure still.  The outside detail is awesome too.




All I can say is: Go here!!!!  I highly, highly recommend it.  But beware, after you see it you will be ruined for all other churches on your travels 🙂

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