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The real reason for my San Francisco and California trip was for a work conference. The best way to travel on someone else’s dime is to extend these work trips  as best you can. My flight and San Francisco hotel were work covered expenses so I extended the trip to get the most out of Northern California since I was already here.

IMG_0387 (2)

The night before the conference started BC and I met up with two of my coworkers to see a Giants game. While all of our ballpark food was subpar we had an excellent time watching the Giants score 10 runs in the first 5 innings.  We opted for the $10 limited view seats because no one really cared about either team, we were just there to have fun and see AT&T ballpark.

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The Hilton Union Square hotel was the conference venue, It was obviously close to the hopping Union Square and had an amazing penthouse bar. We went up there a few times for drinks and to see San Francisco from high above it.

IMG_0408 (2)

My favorite meals in San Francisco were my lunches: Chinese food at Fang, a bahn mi at some hole in the wall I found, and my sushi burrito at Sushirrito. BC ordered the Satori:


And I went for the Latin Ninja:


Both needed a bit of soy sauce (which Sushirrito does not carry) but were very light and tasty.

BC went back to Baltimore when the conference started and my friend Rebekah showed up on the last day. We have big California wine country plans! After the conference ended, Rebekah took me around to old Jack Kerouac haunts (I had never heard of this person before), like the City Lights Bookstore.  I enjoy a good bookstore and this was a really good one.


A drink at the neighboring Vesuvio Café which is apparently famous of this era as well. They had fun furnishings and good wine so I was entertained.

IMG_0438 (2)

A late lunch/early dinner at Piccolo Forno, a BYOB joint in the North Beach section of San Francisco known for it’s Italian food.  Piccolo Forno was my favorite food experience of the whole trip. It was so fresh and amazing!

IMG_0443 (2)

We had the burrata to start and split a prosciutto pizza and gnocchi alla Sorrentina for our entrees.

IMG_0445 (2)

The waiter made me take this horribly lit photo with Rebekah- he thought we were special.

IMG_0447 (2)

My only regret of the day was not going to the super-curvy section of Lombard Street earlier or later in the day.  It was a madhouse when we walked along the sidewalk and was not pleasant going down (or up) because of tourists behaving badly. Don’t be like them!

IMG_0416 (2)

San Francisco is a great town filled with sights, fun activities, food, and plenty of culture. While it is an expensive city- if you get the chance to go, especially on someone else’s tab, be sure to make the most of it. Now I’m off to wine country!

Reader Question: Do you extend your work trips ever? What was your favorite work trip/work trip extension?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I love that book store! It sounds like you made great use of your time in San Francisco 🙂

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