Sausalito and the Golden Gate Bridge

Today was an adventure! In an effort to get out of the center of the city, a ferry ride to Sausalito was our little getaway. The Sausalito ferry leaves the Pier 1 ferry terminal building for a quick 20 minute trip to the shops and restaurants of Sausalito.

IMG_9928 (3)

We went by Alcatraz on our way which was nice because all Alcatraz tours were sold out for the next month.

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Once in Sausalito, my mind was set on lunch. Yelp told me to find the Napa Valley Burger Company so I did. After tasting 2 local beers, BC and I split an avocado chicken Caesar salad and a BBQ beach burger. Everything was delicious!

IMG_0367 (2)IMG_0370 (2)

I’m really glad we ate when we did because after moseying about the town we decided to walk back across the Golden Gate Bridge.

IMG_9936 (2)

Getting to the bridge was about 2 very hilly miles from downtown Sausalito and the bridge itself is 1.7 miles long. Even after crossing the bridge we are still a good 3 miles from our hotel (spoiler: we got an Uber eventually on our walk back through San Francisco!)

IMG_0375 (2)IMG_9944 (2)

The walk across was scary and very windy! There were so many pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the walkway with only a chest high railing. I did get smashed into by a runner going the other way. I’m still not sure how that happened since I was walking directly behind someone in an effort not to get hit by a bike.

I took this photo when there was a break in the crowds. Otherwise I was keenly aware of my surroundings!

IMG_0378 (2)

The views of San Francisco and Alcatraz were pretty great but I walked as fast as I could through the wind to the other side.

Attempting to use my selfie stick for once:


I’m glad we did walk across the bridge but we didn’t quite plan ahead. Once you get to the other side you can’t get a cab or anything because it is a major highway and toll booth. You have to keep walking.  It is a pretty walk so we went at least 1 more mile before calling an Uber.

IMG_0385 (3)

In all, we ended up walking about 12 miles throughout the day. It was quite the urban hiking adventure.

Reader Question: Have you walked across the Golden Gate Bridge or any other? Was it scary or no big deal?

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  1. LOVE this area of the country! Such a great day!

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