Savannah, GA- the food road trip continues

Savannah is definitely a food town.  Everything we ate here was delicious.  First up, Paula Deen’s restaurant The Lady and Sons.

SouthRoadtripDay2 013

There was a buffet with fried chicken, ribs, creamed corn, green beans, mac and cheese, greens, and more.  Both Courtney and I went for that instead of entrees.  There was a salad bar that may have had the best salad dressings I’ve ever had- poppyseed and the blue cheese.  Good job Paula.  Everyone is served a cheddar biscuit and a hoecake.  I almost had a heart attack after the hoecake- yummy but very artery clogging. The buffet’s fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes were excellent.  But the mac and cheese was not good.  It was the only thing at The Lady and Sons we didn’t like.  The coleslaw was different, not bad, just different.  The star of this meal was the creamed corn.  Who knew I liked creamed corn?

After dinner we waddled back to the hotel.

SouthRoadtripDay2 004

SouthRoadtripDay2 005

The Planter’s in a boutique hotel I got for cheap on Hotwire.  Saved almost $100.  It in is right in the heart of historic Savannah, a very cute hotel that serves wine and cheese from 530 to 730 every night.  We did partake in the wine drinking.

Some photos from walking around Savannah:

SouthRoadtripDay2 019

SouthRoadtripDay2 022

SouthRoadtripDay2 025

Riley liked the cobblestone sidewalks.

SouthRoadtripDay2 033 SouthRoadtripDay2 027 SouthRoadtripDay2 028 SouthRoadtripDay2 032

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

SouthRoadtripDay2 036 SouthRoadtripDay2 044

And our final meal in Savannah which was my favorite:

SouthRoadtripDay2 057

The Olde Pink House was right next to our hotel and was featured on the Food Network Show The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  Yes- it turns out it was the best salad I ever ate.

SouthRoadtripDay2 054

BLT salad- fried green tomatoes, candied maple bacon, and buttermilk ranch dressing

(side of cole slaw too- Courtney and I are doing a cole slaw experiment this trip)

SouthRoadtripDay2 055

Go to Savannah and eat this at the The Olde Pink House Restaurant!!!

Off to Charleston, South Carolina.

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    […] Great Southern Food Roadtrip.  The reason Courtney and I went South is because 1) I wanted to see Savannah and Charleston, 2) We like food, and 3) Baby Riley needed to meet some of her […]

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