Sequoia National Park

From Joshua Tree National Park we made the looooonnnnggg drive to Sequoia National Park through Bakersfield, California. Basically the ride was congested, smoggy, and uneventful. We rolled into Sequoia in the late afternoon anxious to get a campsite and see some big trees.

IMG_9032 (2)

We secured the campsite at Potwisha Campground in the foothills where it is warmer and went off on the super-windy, nausea-inducing road to the Giant Forest and Giant Forest Museum. Seriously, only drive this part of the road once- it was terrible.

IMG_7820 (2)

We saw some trees on the Big Trees Trail– so cleverly named.

IMG_7822 (2)

BC feeling small in the world for the first time ever:

IMG_9034 (2)

Back at the campsite for the night, we attempted to cook dinner on hot plates. This was the only campground we stayed at the whole trip that has not allowed campfires due to drought conditions. But we made do and finally learned how to use the butane provided by Jucy while hanging out with some deer.

IMG_7827 (2)

The campground filled up just in time for millions of bugs to come out at sunset. It was miserable. We read books/watched iPad for an hour when the sun finally went down and the bugs went away.

Our campground was hosting “Olympics” to learn about the wildlife in the park. I won the long jump Puma contest! Winner! They did the whole presentation in Spanish, English, and Sign Language which was fun for me as those are my 3 best languages (I can stumble through my Spanish and stumble through ASL at work).

IMG_7830 (2)

While not all the day was great- long drive, bugs, car sickness- I’m excited to see more of Sequoia. The big trees are impressive!

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Reader Question: Do you get motion sickness? I rarely do but today totally made me nauseous! #gettingold

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