Serengeti Wildlife- Day 1

Serengeti Gate

The Serengeti National Park is located in Tanzania.  According to Wikipedia it is over 5700 square miles!!! Technically the Serengeti and the Masi Mara border each other but they still have differences that were pretty obvious even to a tourist like me.

Serengeti Wildlife Male Lions

The Serengeti was much drier and dustier than the Masai Mara in September, which is why the Wildebeests are hanging out in Kenya now.

Our Big 5 count changed today!  Here is number 4 of 5.  Can you spot it?

Serengeti Wildlife Leopard in a tree

It’s a leopard!

Serengeti Wildlife Leopard

Leopards like to nap in trees during the heat of the day.  They tend to hunt at night and in the mornings so it is hard to find one awake and moving.  Lazy kitties!

Serengeti Wildlife- Elephants at the watering hole

The watering holes were very productive animal spotting venues.  This family of elephants is a mere 200 meters from 2 male lions (elephants to the left of our safari van, lions to the right).

Serengeti Wildlife Elephants

Those lions weren’t moving though.


After a long day of spotting Seregeti wildlife, the group headed back to our camp in the middle of the Serengeti.  This time there was no moat, no Masai guards, nothing.  Eek!

My tent:


The bar is on the left and the dining room is on the right.

Serengeti Tent Camp


After getting settled in we watched the sunset and hung out by the campfire.


The tent camp is movable and we were the last guests to stay there before they moved to a different location within the Serengeti.


Despite using tents, campfires, and simple cookstoves, we got a heck of a meal.  Soup of course to start.


All the food was so fresh and flavorful.  Animal watching is hungry work 🙂

More from the Serengeti tomorrow! Fingers crossed that we see more Serengeti Wildlife and round out the Big 5!

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