Serengeti Safari- There’s a Giraffe Outside My Tent!


My day started with a giraffe outside my tent.  It is the only time I will use that sentence in my life.

Another day in the Serengeti, another day with elephants in the distance and giraffes in the trees.  At some point I’m sure the scenery and animals won’t be exciting anymore but it will take a few years to lessen my excitement of seeing all the wildlife.




Today was all about the lions.  In total we saw 42 which I think is pretty impressive.  There were big groups of lions (called a pride) just hanging out by trees and on rocks.


The easiest way to spot animals is find the most safari vans on the side of the road.  The lions didn’t particularly care about the humans staring at them and taking photos.  But I think it is a little annoying to be surrounded by vans and have them in your photos.



Using the bathroom on a Serengeti safari is usually not too much fun.  Quickly going behind the van while everyone promises not to look, hoping another safari van doesn’t wander by you.  One time we were lucky enough to be close the the Serengeti Airport where they had bathrooms.  And we got to see the rich people fly in and out on the tiny planes.


Then it was time for lunch- for us and the lions.


The lion above and the lion below were working together to catch dinner.  One went one way to lie in wait and the other came from the other side to trap the prey.

(He was so close to my open window in the safari van.  You can bet I made no noise and no sudden movements.)

We watched them roll out on their missions.


This lion got distracted by the heat and took a quick breather in the shade of a van.



We ate our lunch as the lions creeped up on the gazelles they were watching.  But it got very hot very quick and the lions stopped pursuit and took refuge in the shade for a while.  We finished lunch and kept moving.  Our guide said the kill could take hours to actually begin.

Today was very hot and dusty.  There were quite a few dust devils.

 Serengeti safari dustdevil

This lion pride hangs out in the shade eventually making their way to a watering hole.

Serengeti Safari Lion Pride

One by one, the lions got up (in order of birth) and followed the leader to the watering hole.  One lazy lion got left behind sleeping.  This other lion was more interested in stretching than in following the pride.

serengeti safari lion stretching

There were a lot of hippos by a nearby watering hole. This is definitely my best hippo picture of the trip.  Hippos are scared of humans/other animals/noise so they tend to disappear under the water.  They also smell really, really bad.  We were mouth-breathers when we took these pictures.  So smelly!

Serengeti safari hippos

Our last little journey in the Serengeti took us towards Pride Rock.  Pride Rock is a random little rock formation in the Serengeti where Rafiki from The Lion King presents Simba to the the animals of the Pride Lands when he is born.  Most of my knowledge of African animals comes from The Lion King and my guide tells me that is not a bad thing- the creators did a lot right.

Serengeti Safari Pride Rock The Lion King

There were of course lions hanging out by Pride Rock.

Serengeti Safari Lions

Baby giraffe cuteness on the way back to camp.

Serengeti Safari Giraffe and baby

That’s all from this Serengeti Safari.  Tomorrow we head into the Ngorongoro Crater to look out for our 5th of the Big 5 animals.  We have seen buffalo, elephants, lions, and a leopard.  The only one left on the list is the rhino, which is so rare that many safari groups don’t ever spot one.  The most concentrated population of rhinos in these areas are in Ngorongoro so I have my fingers crossed!

Africa Seregeti safari sunset

Good night from the Serengeti!

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