Shipwreck Scuba Diving in Aruba

Today was all about scuba diving in Aruba.  My mom, brother, and BC ventured to the beach to get extremely sunburned and I ventured out into the open water to scuba dive with octopi, eel, and so many fish.

DSCF0605 (2)

Aruba has a few shipwrecks good for scuba diving around the island. Today, I went to two of them. The first was about 60 feet down- my camera is only supposed to go down 33ft. I didn’t chance it this time (last time I did, the LCD has a few bubbles in it due to the pressure- oops!) The first dive was absolutely amazing! So many fish and I saw a barracuda.

Scuba diving in Aruba on Thanksgiving

The second dive was only 35 feet down and I was able to bring my underwater camera.  I followed this tiny fish around for a while because I thought he was cute.

Scuba diving in Aruba

But the best thing I did under the water was take video. I love it! You can really see what it is like under the water, scuba diving around a ship wreck.

Here is my first look at an octopus in the wild. It was hiding in some hollowed out steel from the shipwreck. A few minutes later we saw another in a similar place trying to break open a conch shell.

Scuba diving in Aruba octopus

Two octopi in one day- how cool! This moray eel did not like me taking a photo of his bad side.

Spotted moray eel while Scuba diving in Aruba


Scuba diving in Aruba spotted moray eel

There were so many fish around the wreck- the second dive was a good dive and easy for a few newly certified divers in our group.

Scuba diving in Aruba shipwreck

Despite the 82 degree water temperature I always have to wear a wetsuit. It gets cold down deep and my lips always turn blue. Maybe a little more movement and kicking and less stopping for photos with a school of fish would have helped keep my body temperature too.

ship wreck Scuba diving in Aruba

Black sea snake- he was creepy looking and was lurking under a rock for a bit before he decided I didn’t want to hurt him.

Scuba diving in Aruba- sea snake

That’s it from my fun, fabulous day in the open waters, scuba diving in Aruba.

IMG_7295 (2)

Reader question: Are you scuba certified? Any desire to go scuba diving?

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4 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    Beautiful photos! I’ve been snorkeling but never scuba diving. I’m not sure I’m brave enough for that 🙂 You guys went to so many different islands, was it a cruise or did you fly from place to place?

  2. How much fun! You saw some cool stuff!
    I’ve always wanted to scuba dive, but my doctor will not allow me because I have asthma :-(((( Even though it is well controlled!
    So I settle for snorkeling! It’s a lot of fun too. I’ve seen sea turtles, reef sharks, lobsters, eels, squid and lots of fish!

  3. Oh! And sharing too! Thanks for linking up to the #BestofBlogs

  4. Mandi Korn says:

    Just found your Blog through Running in a Skirt, love these images, I wish I had a underwater camera, I love this kind of photography. Look forward to more posts.

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