Shoshone Falls Fail

After a fun day and night in Great Basin National Park, the Andrea and BC roadtrip rolled into Idaho. I have been to Idaho once and didn’t really spend much time there so it was a priority to see some Idaho sights.  When one Googles “Thing to do in Idaho”, Shoshone Falls is the first thing that pops up. The pictures of Shoshone Falls, right outside of Twins Falls, Idaho looked amazing so I added it to the itinerary.


The stupid GPS took us to the wrong place but whetted our appetites with gorgeous views of the Snake River basin. Once at the entrance of Shoshone Falls finally, the man took our $3 and then told us the bad news- there was a 50/50 chance of us actually seeing water go over the falls. Apparently they were having quite the dry spell and this week was dreadful for waterfall viewing.



It was still a cool site even though it wasn’t everything I had hoped for. I guess Shoshone Falls has to go back on the list of places to see- this time I’ll specify during rainy season.

After our Shoshone Falls fail we drove on to spend the night in Idaho Falls, closer to our destination of Glacier National Park, albeit at least another day’s drive away. Idaho Falls was a good stop and their Wal-Mart people watching was truly astounding on a Friday night after work.

IMG_7119 (2)

From Idaho Falls Betty (our Jucy van), BC and sped up to Kalispell, Montana. The happy part of the drive included this awesome deep fried pork chop sandwich from Freeway Tavern in Butte, Montana.  It was on Adam Richman’s Man v. Food- I love that show.

IMG_7120 (2)

The scary part of the drive was outside Missoula, I was driving and BC was sleeping- an oil tanker truck jackknifed in front of me. I calmly cursed like a sailor avoiding the truck (that luckily did not explode)  while BC slept on. Scary stuff!

IMG_8590 (2)

After all that I needed an adult beverage and it was my favorite time of day- happy hour! While driving down the road I veered off to Kalispell Brewing Company for a sampler tray. The two best ones were a Dunkel and a Dunkel wheat.  So different and so good. It reminded me of German beer.

IMG_7133 (2)

We ate yak burgers at Hops- this place was hopping! At 5:10pm we snagged the last 2 seats at the bar. Apparently people line up for their yak burgers. After I devoured mine I would line up for another one too someday when I’m back in Kalispell.

IMG_7137 (2)

Tomorrow we are off to Glacier. I’m so excited!

Reader Question: Have you ever eaten an exotic meat burger? What was your favorite?

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  1. Megan says:

    LOL I had to google Shoshone Falls. Looks like it is usually amazing. At least you got a little trickle:)

  2. Ohhhhh nooo! What a bummer!!!
    It’s still kind of cool without the water… but not the same! Hopefully tomorrow is better!

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