Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu, Romania is a former Saxon 12th century settlement in Transylvania. Formerly a walled city, Sibiu was mostly German and German-speaking until World War II when Germans began emigrating back to Germany in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Unfortunately, it was a Sunday and Monday while we were in Sibiu and just about every museum and church was closed. Also, just randomly sights will be closed without warning in Romania so I ended up drinking a lot of coffee and wandering around taking photos of Romanian rooftops and old town squares- my favorite!

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One thing that was open was Catedrala Sfânta Treime din Sibiu, or Holy Trinity Cathedral. Modeled after the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul it is the 2nd largest Orthodox Church in Romania. It is beautiful!

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The main square, Grand Square, is the highlight of Sibiu architecture, people watching, and soon to be Christmas market. I was there in October and all the lights and decorations were just being set up. I am very bummed I won’t get to see the Christmas lights on during the Christmas season.

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There was an old man polka band playing at noon on a Monday so I’d imagine a much more lively Grand Square at any other time of the week. I stopped and listened for a while, they were very fun.


Some sights from around Sibiu:

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Interesting torture/tool pole. Straight out of a horror movie for sure!

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Standing on Liar’s Bridge in Lesser Square, this was my favorite thing about Sibiu- the houses have eyes! This one has three but some have more or less.

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For my meals in Sibiu I mostly had street food or to-go pizza slices, large empanada-style meat and cheese stuffed pockets, and pretzels. On the main shopping street, there were many restaurants and little to-go stands to choose from. I opted to sightsee rather than sit down and eat most of the time.

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This cheesy pretzel was less than a dollar. While not as good as the pretzels in Germany, it was serviceable.


One of my favorite things to do in a new country is try the junk food. Asia is always good for crazy flavored chips (squid flavored Pringles were actually quite tasty). Eastern Europe had some new flavors of Coke and Pepsi products to enjoy. I got into ginger flavored things in Africa a few years ago so I was excited to see this Ginger Pepsi Max (Diet Pepsi essentially). It was very delightful and became my non-alcoholic beverage of choice this trip.


Sibiu is an excellent entry point into Transylvania. Small towns and cities far exceed Bucharest in charm. I’m excited to see more! The birthplace of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula!)  is up next.

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