Sighisoara, Romania

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, in almost the dead center of Romania, is the historical town of Sighisoara. It is best-known for it’s colorful buildings, walled Old Town, and being the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler in 1431.

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Old Town is perched on a hill, giving your glutes quite the workout getting to and from. If possible, arrive to Sighisoara a few days before Halloween in a torrential downpour and to get an other-worldly vibe. (And keep your eye out for Dracula!).

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Since it was so dreary upon arrival, we immediately went to Casa Dracul, the birthplace and home of little Vlad the Impaler. These days it is a restaurant with a super-cheesy “haunted house” on the top floor. The food was pretty good but you are really there to see old Vlad.

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Vlad hanging in his old living quarters:

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In the daytime, the Old Town area is gorgeous. It was still a bit damp and cold but definitely won my competition for favorite place in Romania. A bold statement but true.

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Also, Sighisoara is not crowded in the shoulder season. I can’t speak for summer time but there was seriously no one there.


The aptly named Stag house:

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My friends and I climbed the stairs to the top of the clock tower for some good views. Also the clock tower hosts a little history museum. The clock has been working since the Middle Ages so the museum covered the long history.

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One of my friends ended up not-so-gracefully falling down the stairs on the way down from the viewpoint at the top of the clock tower. The thud on the wooden floors sounded like a bomb going off. We sheepishly hurried ourselves out trying to play it cool.

20191030_090644 (2)

The other climb in Old Town is up to the Church on the Hill, located on School Hill. School was just beginning for the day when we climbed up the stairs with dozens of other school kids. I took the photo after we had climbed back down and the kids were in class.

20191030_094748 (2)

So many stairs! Church on the Hill:

20191030_123414 (2)

This sign made me laugh- don’t toot your own horn?! No trumpets allowed?

20191029_182025 (2)

We stayed at the Doubletree hotel just at the bottom of Old Town, a very nice hotel by Romanian standards and convenient to the action (if one can say Sighisoara has action). Two nights, one full day of exploring are definitely enough to see the sights Sighisoara but don’t miss this little gem.

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