Skim Boarding and Bloody Mary’s in Dewey Beach

Another summer filled with beach weekends has come to an end for me.  The summer is over early for us because of our upcoming National Park roadtrip begins in a few weeks. While we made it to Dewey Beach five (!) times this summer, it never seems like enough of this magical place.

IMG_6925 (2)

Last weekend was the Zap Amateur World Championships of Skim Boarding.  Skim boarding is a big thing in Dewey Beach so I was snapchatting it out to my followers and taking lots of photos.

IMG_6930 (2)

The championship was on my beach block too so we could see it from our deck.

IMG_6926 (2)

Some of the skimboarders were small kids and there were a few 30-somethings in the mix but mostly teenagers.

IMG_6934 (2)

This also happened at the Starboard:

Starboard Bloody Mary w crab and bacon

It is strange because I’ve always hated Bloody Mary’s. But one rough morning in Dewey Beach I ordered one and my mind was changed. But it could be because it was mostly vodka, with bacon and jumbo lump crabmeat on top.

Starboard’s make-your-own Bloody Mary bar, if that’s your thing:


Jam Session at the Bottle and Cork was a mess this past weekend. It was 110 degrees outside and the Bottle and Cork is an open air venue.  I’m not kidding- it was actually 110 degrees. Me and my sweaty back were smashed into the only air-conditioned section with hundreds of other miserable beach-goers sucking down ice water.


The heat also made the beach pretty miserably hot on Saturday. Unfortunately, Ed’s Chicken and Crab shack in Dewey Beach wasn’t able to escape the heat. Some drunk girl smashed her car into the open air restaurant, hit a gas line, and blew up the place.  She was able to escape and it was closed when it occurred so no one was hurt.  But her car was incinerated along with the restaurant.

Dewey Beach Ed's burned

So long Ed! (He’s retiring and not rebuilding). Check out pictures of the inferno here.

Coincidentally, my favorite margarita Monday venue, Holy Frijoles, in the Hampden section of Baltimore, burned down too! I’m just going to walk around with a fire extinguisher or at least a spray bottle of water to put out fires and cool myself down on these dog days of summer!

Reader question: Bloody Mary’s- yay or nay? I used to say nay but now I’m like “heyyyyyy-yea!!!!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I’m a fan of Bloody Marys and that one looks insane! That’s horrible about the two places burning down 🙁 Hopefully no more of that.

  2. We were in Dewey and Bethany last summer. Must have been fun to watch the skim boarding. That is one serious looking bloody mary!!

  3. That bloody mary looks incredible!! I’ve never been to Dewey Beach but I live in Philly so I guess I’m not too far away! Sad to think that summer is almost over, it’s been a great one!

  4. Can we talk about the Bloody Mary. I’m generally not a fan, but I feel like I could get on board with that. So cool! Glad you had a fun time watching the Skim Boarding!
    Thanks for linking up to Best of Blogs!!!

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