Small Town Charm in Kent County, DE

My last day exploring Kent County, Delaware took me to the small towns of Harrington and Milford to some photo-worthy sights. Milford, Delaware is on my drive to the beach but I’ve never stopped to see the cool riverfront downtown and explore.


Half of my group went kayaking on the river and the other half explored the shops and walked the river walk.

DSC00379 (2)

On September 22, Milford is hosting Ladybug Festival which is an all-women’s lineup music festival. Music festivals are notorious or only featuring male bands, singers, and rappers and I think they really lose out on gaining a bigger female audience. It is so much a problem that when I Googled: “Firefly lineup + female” quite a few articles about lack of female acts were plentiful (1 of 26 headliners were female in 2018). A few friends and I have already made plans to head to Milford on September 22nd for Ladybug Festival.

DSC00364 (2)

The small town of Harrington, DE (population: 3500) was formed at a railroad junction and was an important part of the Delaware railroad system. The Harrington Railroad Museum was a fun little step into railroad history in Delaware.

DSC00358 (2)

I’ve seen on TV, social media, and AirBnB where people will turn railroad cars into tiny houses.


After exploring this one, I could see how it would work.

DSC00367 (2)

My favorite stop of the day was at Messick’s Agriculture Museum. I had no idea what to expect here but was enthralled with all the tractors, plows, old-time farm equipment, and even a covered wagon.

DSC00376 (2)

The museum is housed behind a farm machinery sales office and you really have no idea it is there unless you are looking for it. Entrance is free but you have to call ahead so someone opens it for you. Oh, you have to love small towns!

DSC00369 (2)

I grew up in Iowa surrounded by farms and corn so maybe this museum was more exciting to me than it would be for others but I totally think kids would love this place.

DSC00372 (2)

And it’s free and is a good way to spend 45 minutes on a summer day.

DSC00374 (2)

The wagon wheel fence was pretty neat.

DSC00377 (2)

A tour of Fifer Orchards rounded out my little trip to Kent County, Delaware. Fifer’s had a little store in Dewey Beach I frequent often so I was very excited to get to hang out here, go on a tractor ride through the fields, and get to try all the delicious food. I regularly buy their produce, pimento cheese dip, and apple cider donuts.

DSC00351 (2)DSC00355

For dinner we had peach chicken, crabcakes, lima bean bruschetta (the surprise winner of the night!), scrapple (eh, not my favorite), and lots of salads. The pecan pie was the greatest. I even got a to-go piece for my long 7 hour drive to Cleveland.

Road pie!


I had a fun time in Delaware exploring new places and learning about Delaware’s history. If you are in the Mid-Atlantic and looking to find an inexpensive getaway, heading to Kent County and all their free museums are a fantastic option.

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