Snorkeling St Thomas with Turtles

Andrea on Vacation is on vacation again! For Thanksgiving this year we opted to go on a family trip instead of the same old turkey and football. Today we arrived in St. Thomas for some family bonding on a catamaran boat ride, snorkeling with sea turtles, and shipwreck skin diving.

IMG_4549 (2)

It was a beautiful day to go boating and snorkeling in St Thomas- partly sunny and 85 degrees.  I’ll take that over a cold, November day anytime. My mom and brother had just gotten a foot of snow the day before they left,  he was super-pumped about the upgrade in climate.

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I brought my underwater camera to snorkel with the sea turtles in Turtle Bay off Buck Island. We never got too close but it was fun to see them and all the little fish.

Snorkeling St Thomas Turtles in Turtle Bay

BC has never really snorkeled before but Turtle Bay is a great place for beginners.  The water has hardly any current, is very clear, and not too many scary sea creatures. There are some sea urchins and fire coral but jellyfish were scarce.  I hate jellyfish- ouch!

fish in Turtle Bay Snorkeling St Thomas

Snorkeling St Thomas turtle bay

Having a camera underwater keeps me entertained. Snorkeling is not usually my thing (I love scuba diving!) but I had fun.

Snorkeling St Thomas Turtle bay fish

Back on our catamaran, Stars and Stripes, we hung our near the netting and worked on our tans until we arrived at our next snorkel stop- a ship wreck.

IMG_4569 (2)

My brother and I tried to do some skin diving down to the shipwreck but we didn’t quite make it. The ship lies about 40 feet down- I probably made it about halfway.

Snorkeling St Thomas fish and shipwrecks

Purple sea sponges:

Snorkeling St Thomas purple sea cones

Snorkeling St Thomas shipwreck

Back on board we posed for selfies, drank soda and rum punch, and enjoyed the views of St. Thomas.

IMG_4554 (2)

But it was back to the big boat for us. It is time to sail to another Caribbean port, all part of our family Thanksgiving adventure.

IMG_4573 (2)

IMG_4547 (2)

If you are ever in St. Thomas and are in need of a fun half-day outing, look up the Stars and Stripes– it was a very fun tour and great snorkel spots.  The staff was entertaining and helpful without forcing the fun on us- highly recommended.

Snorkeling St Thomas Stars and Stripes catamaran

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