Snow, Snow, and More Snow- Snowpocalypse 2016

Snowpocalypse 2016 was in full swing this weekend on the East Coast.  Snowmaggedon, #SnOmarComin (if you are into The Wire references), Snowzilla, whatever you want to call it- there was a lot of freaking snow! 29.4 inches at the Baltimore airport by late Saturday night when it finally stopped snowing.

IMG_5021 (2)

With this forecast we were pretty sure it was going to be a big storm!


It was still bigger than I expected just because the winds made the drifts really high!

There is porch furniture under there somewhere!

IMG_5058 (2)

There are many reasons why living in a city is amazing but snowstorms are my all time favorite. My friend was having a going away party Saturday night- she is moving to Texas. Did we hunker down at home- no way, we trudged through the 5 foot drifts to the party! My beach house friends all met afterwards and snowball fights ensued.

IMG_5060 (2)

It is rare when we can walk down the middle of busy streets without the threat of getting hit by a car!

IMG_5063 (2)

Friday the snow started around 3pm. Of course it had to be the first day of winter  Baltimore Restaurant Week and we had reservations. I forced BC to walk a mile and a half through the whipping wind to eat steak at Flemings Steakhouse in Harbor East.

Snowpocalypse 2016

BC doing his Abominable Snowman impression:

Snowpocalypse 2016 walking through the Inner Harbor

We almost had the place to ourselves but we received a lot of attentive service (I think the staff was really bored!).

IMG_5026 (2)

We ate loads of bread with chardonnay butter and white cheddar butter. I preferred the chardonnay version, BC the white cheddar.

IMG_5028 (2)

A salad course first and then the star: 6 oz. filet mignon. It was amazing and quite large- it had to be over 6 oz! Served with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.

Flemings filet baltimore restaurant week

The biggest surprise of the meal was dessert. I love carrot cake and hardly ever get it but at this meal it was one of the two options on the Restaurant Week menu.  Possibly the best carrot cake I’ve had- in the running with my friend’s mom’s recipe.

Flemings carrot cake

All that food for $35 per person is such a great deal. Fleming sells that steak alone for about $40 normally.

The party in Federal Hill was in full swing by the time we walked back but we went home pretty early. Saturday morning there was a foot on the ground by the time we woke up to the neighbors shoveling. BC shoveled for a few hours while I tried to get the dog to not be afraid of the snow and use the facilities. His stomach was making the worst noises and he still refused to go to the bathroom in the backyard. I guess I see his point:

Snowpocalypse 2016 backyard

But the snow kept coming. When the cat could no longer see out the window I gave him a boost. Our porch door could not open since the snow drifts were almost as tall as me at that point.  Kitty thought the white fluffy stuff was pretty interesting.

Snowpocalypse 2016 cat watching the snow

Today we are digging out, about half of the city is not working today with more working from home. Stay warm and safe out there.

Snowpocalypse 2016 me and my car

Reader question: Do you like the snow? Live in a city and have fun during snowstorms?

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6 Responses

  1. That’s a lot of snow!cute cat!:)

  2. So much snow, it really looks like a winter wonderland! I’ve loved seeing all the beautiful snow pictures, though I imagine the digging bit is not so hard. I’m currently in summer here in Chile, so I can’t imagine all of the snow.

  3. joelle says:

    Great photos! We had fun in the snow too. Now I want that carrot cake!

  4. This looks amazing!! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much snow. I’d definitely love to once, but I bet it would get old fast when you have to work in it!

  5. I know snow is a lot more of a pain in real life than it looks in photos, but I couldn’t help of be jealous of everyone in the East Coast when I saw so many beautiful, white photos! The snow looked so soft and fluffy! That being said, I’m sure the temperature and the damages caused make it less beautiful…

    But still, can’t help but stare in amazement at what looks like an absolute winter wonderland!

  6. You did much better in your snow than we did!! We hunkered down and did not leave!

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