Something Rotten and District TAP House

Purchasing tickets to see Something Rotten at the TKTS discount booth in Times Square was the smartest thing I did all trip! Since I was a party of 1, my ticket for the 3pm matinee show was in the 4th row!

IMG_2432 (2)

Hello actors! They were singing right to me. Something Rotten may be my new favorite musical. I love Wicked but they needed to cut out one or two of the sappy love songs. Something Rotten is hilarious parody of Shakespeare and Broadway musicals. I laughed out out a few times and smiled through the whole thing. If you are in New York or Something Rotten starts touring- go see it!


When it was time to leave the theatre after such a great performance the crowd turned on their cell phones and was welcomes to a severe thunderstorm warning and flood warning. Sideways rain was in effect! I was a smart person and brought an umbrella with me to the show because I knew deep down that that I was doomed to get soaked.

IMG_2434 (2)

I wandered about 8 blocks to the District Tap House on 38th St.- halfway between 7th and 8th Avenues. It is a few blocks from the St. James Theatre, about half the distance to my hotel. Highly rated on Yelp and far enough away from Times Square not to be too touristy.  I drank some delicious beer and ate some duck fat fries and brussel sprouts.  Dinner of champions!

IMG_2435 (2)

But I wasn’t done eating yet. Last time BC and I were in New York I was on a big cupcake kick and wanted to go to a Magnolia Bakery. My hummingbird cupcake was divine but every person in line was getting banana pudding.  Weird!

IMG_2421 (2)

Inside Grand Central Station is the closest Magnolia Bakery to my hotel and better yet, let me be inside and out of the rain for a bit.

IMG_2449 (2)

I love the ceiling here. It lights up at night in line with the constellations it depicts.

IMG_2446 (2)

In the basement of Grand Central Station is a giant food court that has pizza, thai, BBQ, a Shake Shack, and a Magnolia Bakery. I ordered “the smallest banana pudding possible” and this is what I received.

IMG_2454 (2)

Banana pudding was consumed in front of Netflix in my hotel room with a straw because I’m an idiot and didn’t grab a spoon.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  But the banana pudding was pretty freaking amazing! Do it!

Anyone have a favorite New York City dessert I need to try?

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  1. I want to see the show!!!! I love musicals!
    And banana pudding…. 🙂

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  2. April 20, 2017

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