St. Petersburg yet again and Novgorod


Today was a day for historical learning.  We learned all about the Siege of Leningrad from 1941-44 by Hilter’s Nazi German army at the memorial located where Russia broke through the blockade.  Over a million people died and the memorial commemorating the events was well-done.

StPetersburg 139 StPetersburg 136  StPetersburg 138 StPetersburg 137

On the inside were candles inside of mortar shells found in St. Petersburg after the  war- 900 candles to signify the 900 days that the siege occurred.

Also today in St. Petersburg we saw:

StPetersburg 119

The Church of Saviour on Spilled Blood again. I just love looking at this- so gorgeous!

The Summer Gardens:

StPetersburg 132 StPetersburg 124 StPetersburg 125 StPetersburg 127

The Summer Gardens are across the street from Mikhailovsky Castle where Paul I was killed after only living there 40 days.  Bummer.

StPetersburg 121

Then I headed to the Russian Museum where I ran out of money and couldn’t pay the entry fee.  #andreafail  Oh well, I only had about 30 minutes to explore before I had to meet up with the bus.

StPetersburg 134

Russian Museum

3 hours later and 1 more instance of us getting pulled over and having to bribe the policemen, we arrived in Novgorod.

Novgorod was the first cultural center in Russia which was settled in 862  by the Viking Rurik.  Ivan the Terrible in the 1500s and WWII provided much devastation to Novgorod but the Kremlin (or fortress) still remain.

StPetersburg 140

Inside is the Millennium of Russia Monument

StPetersburg 143

Cathedral of St. Sophia- built in 1050

StPetersburg 146

With awesome doors from the 12th century

StPetersburg 148

And the rest:  Bell tower, more St. Sophia, outside the Kremlin

StPetersburg 145 StPetersburg 147 StPetersburg 150 StPetersburg 153

Courtney reminded me that I neglected to write about the ballet.  It was awesome!!!  They were so good- even the chorus dancers were excellent. And the lead swan Odette was the best I have ever seen.  Sort of funny though, 30 of us went, about 20 feel asleep in the first act (there are 3 acts).  We had been sightseeing all day and were so tired, plus is was about 80 degrees in the theater- there is no air-conditioning in Russia really.  I kept myself awake by snapping my hair tie on my wrist but the people on either side of me were doing the sleepy head-bob.  Between acts 1 and 2 we all ran out and got cokes to wake us up.  It worked and the rest of the ballet were awake.  A couple of guys went with us and they even liked it.  A Russian ballet in Russia was a favorite moment for sure.

Tomorrow we are driving 6 hours to Moscow (6 1/2 if you count the time it will take for us to get pulled over again and have to bribe someone).  Tomorrow’s post should not be too exciting.

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  1. courtney says:

    Yay ballet! The Church of Saviour on Spilled Blood was our favorite too…but we didn’t get to see as much in one day there. Your trip sounds much sportier with the police bribery and whatnot. Are you checking jhmi email?

  2. Christine Keane says:

    I would love to visit Russia one of these days! I heard their visa is one of the hardest to get. Did you have any issues or delays?

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