Starboard’s Running of the Bull

Sometimes the best traditions start off in the most random ways. Running of the Bull in Dewey Beach, Delaware has risen in popularity over the years and has been featured in USA Today and Buzzfeed. The first Running of the Bull was 21 years ago at a beach house where a bunch of friends decided to have a party and 2 friends ran around in a bull costume. From there, it progressed into a bigger and bigger party, now held at the Starboard, so big it comes with a flyover.

IMG_9881 (2)

Elvis always makes an appearance on stage with the LauraLea Band.

IMG_9870 (2)


IMG_9835 (1)

Costumes and drunken revelry galore. Also the Pope:

IMG_9850 (1)

The police officers and fire department are also a part of the festivities pass around a boot and selling t-shirts. They are awesome for coming out and stopping the huge amount of traffic on Route 1 so a bunch of drunk beach-goers can cross the street and run along the beach while being “chased” by 2 guys in a bull costume. The lifeguards of Dewey Beach even get everyone out of the water so the runners can pass by without injury to both parties. Basically, all of Dewey Beach is involved in this asinine yet amazing event.


It is really something everyone should do once. And like some things, once may be enough for most people. (This was my 4th Running of the Bull).


BC used to babysit the Starboard Shark. #old


After 6 hours of hanging out in a sea a sweaty bodies, my own sunburned self went home for a nap and to barbeque on the deck. My beach house rallied to meet up with friends at Northbeach for a beautiful sunset and much more civilized fun.


Reader Question: What is the craziest tradition you have been a part of?

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  1. How much fun!!! I’ve never heard of this, but clearly I need to do this!

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