Strip District Pittsburgh- Primanti Bros and Kaya

Now is the Pittsburgh post you have been waiting for, the food post! We had a some good eats in the Strip District section of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Strip District

Some of my travel blogger friends at Living the Dream went to college here and knew exactly where to send me.  On Saturday night after the Iowa/Pitt game, we went to Kaya for dinner.  We were originally set to go to a restaurant on Mt. Washington but after waiting an hour (supposed to be a 15 minute wait) the table they took us to had no chairs and the waitress was apologizing to the table next to us  about how long their dinner was taking to arrive. So we snuck out.  Probably the best decision we made all night. Then I  took control of the restaurant choice and directed us to Kaya.

Pittsburgh Strip District restaurants

Appetizers included calamari with avocado sauce and ribs.  I was surprised how big the portions were here, I was expecting tiny food (and we were hungry after the long wait at the other restaurant).

Kaya Calamari with Avocado sauce

Both appetizers were excellent! I was dipping the calamari in the rib sauce it was so good.

Kaya ribs

My entrée was the steak that came recommended by the waiter.  It was the best thing I ate all trip. (The photo came out overexposed).  BC ordered the fish tacos which were also delicious.

Kaya steak

Fish tacos:

Kaya fish tacos

I would definitely recommend Kaya to anyone.  The Strip District itself is neat- old warehouses and a very industrial feel converted into markets, restaurants, and clubs.

The next morning, after checking out of our hotel, the group went back to the Strip District to visit the original Primanti Brothers sandwich shop.

Primanti Bros Strip District Pittsburgh

Primanti Brothers is a very casual spot with no hostess and a  short menu of sandwiches.  Their sandwiches are special though- they pile the coleslaw and French fries directly on the sandwich.  It is the most famous Pittsburgh restaurant and you have to go check it out to say you’ve been.

We sat in the back corner so the lighting on my sandwich photos are not good.

Primatis Strip District

I ordered the ham and cheese, BC the pastrami.  You have to squish is down a little to be able to take a bite.

Primantis Sandwich

The sandwiches really don’t look that appetizing but they were good, not amazing, but good. And it was a good amount of sandwich for $7.  Next time I would order the Colossal Fish sandwich.  A neighboring table ordered it and I had food envy.

Primanti Bros Pittsburgh

That’s all from Pittsburgh, PA.  If you are planning a trip there make sure to visit the Strip District for dinner at Kaya.

I’m on a plane to Portland, Oregon as I type this.  More adventures coming up soon!


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  1. Michael Cohen says:

    I LOVE Primanti Bros.!

  2. Michael says:

    I’ve never tried the fish one; there was a Primanti Bros. that opened in Ft. Lauderdale and went there a few times.

  1. January 20, 2016

    […] original Primanti in Pittsburgh was better but it was still a fairly cheap, delicious, and gigantic […]

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