Sukhothai, Thailand


Today we hung out in Sukhothai, an ancient capital during the Golden Age of Thai civilization in the 13th century.  They are known for their temple ruins.  But we all know that I’m sick of temple ruins from tons and tons in Cambodia.  I’m jaded, a sure sign that my trip is nearing its end.


This morning….


We took a giant tuk tuk to our main mode of transportation for the day.

SukhothaiThailandbike2 SukhothaiThailandbike

Bikes!  Fun! The best part of the day was riding between the ruins on our bikes.  We got a nice breeze and said hi to lots of friendly Thai drivers.


Wat Sri Chum. I won’t bore you with temple photos today.

Except for these elephants:


We ran into a parade because the Candle festival is happening here for 4 days starting today.


Cute kids


Pretty ladies


Floats and beauty queens.  The guys on the float jumped off at the end and started fighting with real swords.  It was cool.

After a dip in the hotel pool, we went back to the festival to watch the light show and fireworks.  I ate pad thai from a food stand and am still alive.  Yay!

SukhothaiThailand 030

Light show on the 13th century temple:

SukhothaiThailand 041

Laterns being let go:

SukhothaiThailand 039

Somewhere close by there is going to be a forest/marsh fire I decided- a lot of lanterns floating off into the sky.

Tomorrow our journey takes us to the town with the elephant conservation center with tiny baby elephants and elephant riding.  We don’t get to see them tomorrow, but the day after.  I’m so excited!!!

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  1. Mariah says:

    Please please please please bring me back a baby elephant.

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