Summer 2016 Beach Reads

Summer 2016 has become a productive reading summer and it’s only half over.  If you need a good book to read in your beach lounger, look no further. Here are my Summer 2016 Beach Reads- a list made with my book club, the aptly named- Book Club for Busy Ladies.

1) You by Caroline Kepnes

I was the first in the book club to discover this gem and what a creepy, thrilling gem it is. Everyone in the book club agrees that You is like being stuck watching a horror film that you cannot look away from.

2) North and South- Elizabeth Gaskell

While this is not a new book, I did just watch the BBC miniseries which then in turn made me want to read the book. If you prefer reading, check out this Victorian romance novel. If you prefer a good Netflix binge, find North and South and add it to your queue.

3) The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

This is a book that your book club would love to discuss if you are in to suspense and thought-provoking books. It is even a Pulitzer Finalist in the fiction category. And even better is that it takes place in cold Alaska, a good read to think cold thoughts on the brutal hot summer days coming up over the next week.

4) Calendar Series by Audrey Carlan

Calendar Girl (12 Book Series) by Audrey Carlan

Let’s be honest, a lot of readers just want a good trashy romance novel for the beach. The Calendar Girl series is perfect set of 12 books to keep you in trashy romance, tawdry sex, romance, call girl drama, and  then even more sex. Lots and lots of sex. I got a little bored with the “storyline” and quit reading them after September- I was really just skimming them for the good parts by then. But if you need some easy, exciting reading- Calendar Girl is a great option.

5) The Oxford Inheritance by Anna McDonald

I’m reading this right now and haven’t gotten too far into it yet. The blurb promises a thriller with black magic, murder, and money. Sounds like a good one!

Reader question: What book are you reading now? Do you prefer thrillers, bestsellers, classics, romance, or crime when you are reading at the beach or pool in the summer?


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  1. Chaitali says:

    I hadn’t heard of any of these! I’m going to have to look up North adn South on Netflix. I just downloaded some YA fantasy type novels and a biography of Crazy Horse and Custer so that should keep me busy with reading for a little while.

  2. Thanks for the great book suggestions! I need to pick out a new one!

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