Summer Fun in Dewey Beach

My summer fun in Dewey Beach has come to an end in 2018. Last weekend my 7th and final trip down to the Dewey Beach this summer. Dewey is my summer happy place filled with friends from Boston to Virginia. We dip our toes in the sand, drink cocktails, and eat far too much pizza.

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The beach was a way for professional Andrea to get away even though the drive is only about 3 hours. But this weekend was much needed after being selected to be on a jury for an almost 2 week case. It was a draining experience and the beach and its company was much needed in lifting my spirits.

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It seems like every other Saturday this summer there was a deluge of rain or it was really chilly so the entire summer we really only ended up having a few good beach days all day. Quite a few Saturdays were made up of indoor activities like Netflix marathons with beach house roommates (Ozarks and Animal Kingdom were favorites this summer),daytime fun at the Starboard,

Hello Starboard buffalo tater tots!


and rose wine bar crawls (along with Connect 4) at the newly-opened Dewey Beach Country Club.

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My all time favorite Dewey Beach activity is sitting on our porch with Kate, Bill, and whomever else is down. We gossip, discuss world issues, check out the fantastically good-looking and tan lifeguards as they arrive for work while drinking our morning coffee. We are lucky enough to be very close to the beach and right across the street from the Dewey Beach Lifeguard Station. Every single lifeguard come here in the morning before hitting the sand and after every shift.

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Some days we even do Dewey Beach Fit class at 9am on Friday and Saturday mornings in addition to our normal beach jogs/walks to make up for that late night pizza.

One of my favorite weekend this summer was the Mr. Greengenes show/Bottle and Cork anniversary party. Mr. Greengenes is my favorite beach band. They play cover songs and are a lot of fun to watch. They retired a few years ago so it was a special treat to get to see them back in action again.


My brother came down with me that weekend from Iowa. I think he was overwhelmed with the craziness of a busy beach weekend but a good time was had by all despite the sunburn. Next time he will wear more sunscreen Iā€™m sure!


I had to take a photo of the Rod Stewart look-alike.

Resized_20180526_232607 (3)

Surprisingly for such a small town (12 blocks long, 2 blocks wide), there are a plethora of shops, restaurants, bars, and music venues. Dewey Beer Company, SIRveza, and Starboard Raw are a few of my other favorite places to go in Dewey Beach. Dewey Beer Company had some good homemade brews on tap this summer. This one was raspberry and passionfruit.

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After 10 years of coming to Dewey Beach I have a lot of beach friends, some in my house, from former houses, or are friends of roommates/former roommates. Winter reunions are always being planned and are so much fun.

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My summer is always busy but the beach is my to-go activity and favorite place to be. If I could afford to move here full-time I would! The people, the fun, the gorgeous scenery are all right up my alley. And it is always 10 degrees cooler at the beach than in downtown Baltimore (so humid in the summer!!!!).

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Crossing over the scary Bay Bridge is worth it!

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Reader Question: What have you been up to this summer? Did you go to the beach? Do any fun traveling?

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