Summer Travels- 2017

Sun-kissed skin, flowers and plants in full-bloom, the smells of grilled meat, and summer vacations are on the horizon. With Memorial Days a few days away, have you planned your Summer travels out yet? If not, I hope my Summer travel plan gives you a few ideas for you and your friends and family.


  1. The Beach!

It doesn’t matter which beach, just find a beach- it can be on a lake, river, or ocean. My beach is in Delaware on the ocean, in a magical place called Dewey Beach. While Dewey Beach is no longer a secret as it was just named #64 on the Great American Travel Bucketlist, it is a small swatch of bayside and beachside fun on the East Coast. I’ll be spending much of my summer drinking orange crushes (and a few crazy Bloody Mary’s) at the Starboard while soaking up the rays on Dewey’s beautiful soft sand.


2. Fargo, North Dakota

This is my random summer vacation destination picked only because I am determined to get to all 50 United States of America and North Dakota is one of the last two I have on the list (North Dakota and Oklahoma).

I almost blew away in Idaho!


I’ve signed up for a race while I am there so there will be some active sightseeing as well as eating, checking out all things from the movie Fargo, and so much more.

3. The Work Trip- San Francisco

Later this summer I have a work trip to San Francisco- talk about a great spot to have a work trip! The Golden Gate Bridge, Giants baseball, Fisherman’s Wharf, and eating all the food are on my agenda. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a few extra days around the working to explore areas like Yosemite and Sonoma/Napa.


4. Visiting the family


I think it is a requirement to visit some part of your family every summer. This summer I’m heading to Arizona to see my cutie nephew and nieces. Phoenix is the summer is ridiculously hot so I’ll be hanging out in the pool and only the pool.


5. Weekend getaways

Weekend getaways in the summer are always a blast.  A few friends have mentioned trips to the Hamptons (fancy!), New York City, Philadelphia, and Portland, Maine. We shall see what ends up fitting into my already tight schedule.

Philadelphia Rocky Statue

Traveling in the summer can be filled with fun, outdoor adventures (except for Arizona, stay inside!). When making travel plans, go with the well-rounded approach of including a favorite, a new place, a cultural spot,  and a visit to family or friends. It will no doubt, be a summer to remember.

Reader Question: What are your summer travel plans? Anything new, fun, an old favorite?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a fun Summer! I love that you’ve almost ticked off all 50 states 🙂 We’ve got a couple local things planned with a visit to Busch Gardens and a Maryland each. A trip to NYC or Philadelphia sounds like a good idea to throw in 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures, I would like to visit these places. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures.

  3. I’m in the middle of travel binge! lol!!!
    Switzerland is next!!! Have you been????

  4. Thanks for giving such a wonderful information. It is very helpful.

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