Sunday Funday in New York City

On Sunday I took the train up to New York City to meet up with my college friend Lauren. She just moved to New York and we are both excited to finally be living in the same time zone.

Our goal was to visit different neighborhoods so Lauren could get a better lay of the land. I love lower Manhattan so we set off from Penn Station into Chelsea. Murray’s Bagels is always my first stop off the train and today was no different.  (side note: Ess-a-Bagel is my favorite but Murray’s is much closer to Penn Station!) Lauren out-ordered me with her Murray’s Special with lox, tomato, onion, cream cheese and caper bagel.

IMG_9120 (2)

My normal everything with veggie cream cheese:

IMG_9119 (2)


Lauren hadn’t been to New York since childhoood (pre-9/11) so after wandering through Chelsea Market and the Meatpacking District we went to the Freedom Tower. It was a sight to see- magnificent while standing watch over New York.

IMG_9129 (2)

Fearless Girl + Lauren at Broadway and Wall St:

IMG_9135 (2)

Down in Battery Park we stopped for a drink in the sunny, 60 degree weather overlooking Lady Liberty. She was still pretty far away but it was such a lovely spot to sit and soak up the views and some Vitamin D..

IMG_9669 (2)

Elsewhere in Battery Park were globes! I love globes and all things travel related.

IMG_9668 (2)

As we moseyed along on our self-made tour we  walked about 7 miles before I was hungry again. Instead of eating pizza which is a go-to for me in New York we opted to hit up Chinatown for some Dim Sum.  Our original pick had a 40 minute wait so we ended up at Joe’s Ginger for some soup dumplings and stir fried green beans with ginger.

IMG_9676 (2)

You know that point when you waited too long to eat and end up hungry for anything and everything? Well, that is what happened to us so we just pointed to the table nearby with some good looking dishes and said we wanted the same things. It turned out just perfect!Both the green beans and soup dumplings were awesome. We made yummy noises throughout the meal and made friends with the table whose order we copied Smile

IMG_9678 (2)

More walking, shopping, and sightseeing commenced after lunch. I almost spent $70 at DSW in Union Square because my feet hurt after so much walking. But alas, they did not have my size so my feet just stayed sore.

Happy hour was fast approaching (but isn’t it happy hour all day on the weekends?) and decided a rooftop deck drink was essential. Tavern 29 was our pick and we sat on the rooftop deck with some delicious wine and prosecco.

IMG_9141 (2)

Afterwards, Lauren almost got crashed into by a bike crossing the street. She did a little awkward dance to avoid the biker and managed to still get hit on by him. We giggled about this for 10 minutes because her hilarious get-out-of-the-way moves were apparently alluring (they were not!).

Dinner was Italian fare at Trattoria Belvedere. We were hungry again but mostly we just wanted to sit down. In all we ended up walking 14.2 miles on Sunday. I earned these carbs!!!!

Gnocchi al quattro formagi for me:

IMG_9144 (2)

Yum! After dinner it was back to Penn Station for my train home to Baltimore Sad smile It was such a fun day and I’m so glad Lauren and I could finally hang out again. She may miss Colorado but I’m happy she closer!

Reader Question: What is the most steps you’ve done in one day (not a race day)? This was my record- 28,632!!!

Two days later and my legs and feet are still a little bit sore!

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3 Responses

  1. Holy steps!!! I’m doing New York this summer and can’t wait!

  2. Chaitali says:

    Wow, that is a lot of walking! You definitely earned those carbs 🙂 The rooftop drinks sounds perfect. I think the most steps I had on a non-race day would be at Disney World. It’s crazy how many steps it takes to just get around there.

  3. budget jan says:

    That was a perfect day. It is easier to rack up points when walking with a friend isn’t it. It was a great idea to order what the table next to you had already on display. Dumplings are my go to Chinese Food and the beans looked great too.

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